Evolution Windows


Windows 1

November 1985

Windows 1 was built on MS-DOS and His OPERATION IF supported Quite inserted ENTRIES IN NAS System Command Lines. Microsoft had already put support mouse and a game to "teach" how to use the new peripheral.

Windows 2

December 1987

The great innovation of this software was the possibility of the windows overlapping and that is to maximize and minimize the two tools that appeared janelas.Outras this release and remain today are Word and Excel, belonging to the Office package.

Windows 3


It was the first Microsoft OS to require a hard drive to be instalado.Os MS-DOS programs that could now be run in a normal window, giving enough flexibility to those who did not fit right away with the GUI software. Support for 256 colors and the game "Solitaire" was the news of the new version

Windows 95


The Windows 95 brought for the first time, the Start Menu and ferramentas.Foi Bar also the debut of Internet Explorer, but arrived only in a released additional package later

Windows 98


Windows 98 introduced the ability to move back and forth in navigation, in addition to the address bar in Windows Explorer. In addition to bringing a number of new features like IE 4, Outlook Express, Windows Address Book, Microsoft Chat, NetShow and Play support for USB standard

Windows ME


Windows Millennium Edition is the latest version of OS based on MS-DOS .The IE 5.5, Windows Media Player 7 and Windows Movie Maker made their debut at Millennium Edition. The autocomplete also made his first appearance in this operating system but entando he received a lot of criticism because of bugs

Windows XP


The main new features of Windows XP were refashioned in the visual and system stability, which pleased and won millions of users around the world.

Windows Vista


.Windows Vista brought a modern look to bet on transparency and good flashy visuals like gadgets on the desktop. However, these were also features that were unfavorable for the OS require a lot of machine hardware, limiting its operations to more powerful computers.

windows 7


Launched in 2009, this SO brought minor visual changes compared to its predecessor, but it's fast, stable and easy to use

windows 8


Windows 8 is Microsoft's most radical attempt to change the look of your operating system. The change was motivated because of the arrival of devices that respond to touch, eliminating, because of that, the Start Menu and giving rise to a whole new screen that is based on the use of "tiles"

Windows 8.1


Bringing subtle changes over its predecessor, Windows 8.1 came in response to complaints of people because of the visual changes to the OS suffered. People could choose to start your computer directly from the desktop, which was not possible with Windows 8

windows 10


The windows 10 is very similar to windows 7 but as some new features as part of different devices, multiple workspaces, open up to 4 windows simultaneously on the same screen and have a simple search system