Muhammad is born

570 A.D - 632 C.E

Muhammad is born but he never met his dad and when he was six his mother also died so he got raised by his mother and then died so his uncle had to take care of him.

Muhammad marries Khadijah

595 AD - 632 CE

Muhammad has married Khadijah at the age of 25

Muhammad get a visit from a angel

610 AD

People believe that Muhammad got a visit from an angel ;and told him to spread the word of god.

Khadija's Death

619 AD - 919 AD

The fellow wife of Muhammad Khadijah died at 619 AD

The Hijra

622 CE

Due to growing animosity between the pagan and Muslim Meccans, Muhammad and his followers flee to Medina, marking the beginning of the Hijra era of the Islamic lunar calender, and also paving the way for Muhammad's metamorphosis from a preacher to a political and military leader.

The Nakhla raid

624 AD

Muhammad orders the 7th Caravan Raid against the pagan Meccans, a raid which would mark the beginning of violence in the name of Islam. Taking place in one of the four holy months in which fighting was forbidden, the leader of the Meccan caravan is killed, and two others are taken captive.

Muhammads death

632 A.D - 632 AD

Muhammad was heading back until he felt ill and later died in July 9th 632 AD at the age of 61 and has left all of his questions to his followers

The Farewell pilgrimage

632 AD

After completion of the pilgrimage, Muhammad delivers his famous sermon which leads to the commencement of the conquests against the Christians and Zoroastrians