Mary Ann Cotton


Mary was born

October 31 1832

Mary's sister Margaret was born


Margaret dies

June 1834

Mary's brother Robert was born


The family moves to Durham


Her father falls down a mineshaft and dies

February 1842

Her mother marries George Stott


Mary leaves home to train as a nurse


Mary comes back home to train as a dressmaker


Mary marries William Mowbray


Mary has 4 or 5 unregistered children, and all of them die

1853 - 1855

Mary moves to South West England with her new husband


Her daughter Margaret Jane is born


Mary moves back to North East England


Her daughter Isabella is born


Margaret Jane dies


Margaret Jane II is born


John Robert William is born


John Robert William dies from gastric fever


William Mowbray dies of intestinal disorder


Mary moves to Seaham with her two remaining children

February 1865

Margaret Jane II dies of typhoid fever and Isabella is sent to live with Mary's mother

March 1865

She married George Ward

August 28, 1865

George Ward dies from intestinal problems

October 20 1866

Mary is hired by James Harrison to be a housekeeper

November 1866

James' baby dies and he gets Mary pregnant

December 1866

Mary's mother falls ill and Mary attends her to until she dies of stomach problems 9 days later

April 1867

Isabella comes back to live with her mom

April 2 1867

Isabella and Robert's children Elizabeth and James all die from abdominal discomfort

May 1867

Mary marries James Robinson

August 11 1867

Margaret Isabella is born

November 1867

Margaret Isabella dies

February 1868

George is born

June 18 1869

James becomes suspicious and throws Mary out, keeping George with him


Margaret Cotton introduces Mary to her brother Fredrick


Margaret Cotton dies from a stomach aliment

march 1870

Fredrick gets Mary pregnant

April 1870

They get married

17 September 1870

Robert is born

February 1871

Fredrick dies from gastric fever and Mary gets together with her former lover Joseph

December 1871

Richard Quick Mann, a patient of hers, gets Mary pregnant

February 1872

Fredrick Jr. dies

March 1872

Robert dies

April 1872

Her former lover Joseph dies

May 1872

Charles Edward dies

July 1872

People get suspicious and begin to investigate

July 1872 - March 5 1873

Margaret Edith is born

January 10 1873

Mary's trial begins

March 5 1873

Mary Ann Cotton is convicted of murder and hung

March 24 1873

later 2