The Life of Jazz Jennings


Jazz is born

October 6, 2000

First Interview with Barbra Walters


TransKids Purple Rainbow Foundation


Foundation started in 2007 by Jazz and her parents to help the transgender youth

Second Interview with Barbara Walters


Talked with Barbara about her sexual orientation, "I am attracted to boys".

Purple Rainbow Tails Foundation


Jazz started this foundation for creating rubber mermaid tails to help raise money for transgender children.

Publishing of Jenning's first book: I Am Jazz

September 2013

Co-wrote the book with Jessica Herthal

Implant Surgery

February 4, 2014

Jazz received an implant in her arm that would block testosterone.

First premier of Jenning's TLC show: I Am Jazz

July 2015

Publishing of Jenning's second book: Being Jazz


Jazz becomes the youngest grand Marshal of the Gay Pride Parade in NYC

April 13, 2016