events from 1750-1918


the first fleet

26 jan 1787

european settelers involved and aboriginals christianity comeing to australia

the french revolution

1789 - 1799

people of france were involved they overthrew their leader because he was being un fair to the the people and not following in jesus's ways

religious freedom is granted in the US

15th December 1791

the united states government was involved people werent hurt or killed for their beliefs or culture

abolition of slade trade act passed in england

25th of march 1807

the government of england was involved
the band of slaves used for work or being abused in england

Marist brothers founded by the macellin champagnat

2nd jan 1817

marist brothers and macellin champagnat were involved important because countinuing jesus teachings and helping people in need

St Vincent de paul founded by Frederick ozanam


fredrick ozanam was involved following jesus and mary mackillops examples and helping people in need

The document communist manifesto is issued

22nd of February 1848

German philosophers were involved. it is a good way to fix capitalism problems including ones of religion ways

Dogma of the immaculate conception issued


Apparitism of the blessed virgin mary in Lourdes france


On the origin of species published by Charles Darwin

24th November 1859

scientist and charles darwin were involved it shows how we evolved which relates to the story in the bible of adam and eve

First Vatican council


Pope leo X111 isuses encyclical “rerum nevarum”

May 15th 1891

world war 1

1914 - 1918

britian, the catholic church and germany were involved . the catholic church was involved because they wanted the violence to stop because they help many people so a peace treaty was formed

Apparition of blessed mary in Fatima, Portugal

13th may 1917

Persecution of the roman catholic church in the soviet union


the soviet union was involved the soviet union overthrough the roman catholic church because they were cruely punishing people