Seven Years War Timeline

British Victories

The Battle of Fort Gaspereau


The British sent 300 men, led by Colonel John Winslow, to take Fort Gaspareaux, then under the command of Captain Villeray. This was quickly accomplished, and the fort was renamed Fort Monckton

The start of The Grand Deportation


The Acadians in Nova Scotia were rounded up and deported to France, Quebec and other French colonies because of British suspicion of the Acadians working with the French.

The Siege of Louisberg


The British laid siege to the French fortress of Louisberg, after capturing it opened up the St. Lawrence river to Quebec

Battle of the Plains of Abraham

13 September 1759

A pivotal battle in the Seven Years War, General James Wolfe of the British Army led a surprise attack on the city of Quebec where General Montcalm was stationed. The French tried to counter the attack but ended up surrendering. Both generals died of their injures later.

The Capitulation of Monteal


The city of Montreal surrendered to British forces

Battle of Ste-Foy

April 1760

A force of 5000 French led by Brigadier François de Lévis defeted a British force of 3900 led by Colonel James Murray outside the city walls. Then laid siege to the town while awaiting reinforcements, but British ships came first and the French Retreated to Montreal.

Treaty of Paris


A treaty that gave most of New France territory to the British empire

French Victories

Ohio Valley


A territorial dispute between the French and British which subsequently started the Seven Years War

The French capture Fort Oswego


Led by General Montcalm the French army captures Fort Oswego

The French capture Fort William Henrey


Led by General Montcalm the French army captures Fort William Henrey