The cell theory


zachaas janssen


Zachaas Janssen came up with the first compound microscope.

Anton van Leeuwenhoek

October 24, 1632 - August 26, 1723

Anton van Leesuwenhoek created his own microscope instead of buying one.

sir Isaac Newton

1642 - 1727

Sir Isaac Newton published a groundbreaking book on how plants move do to gravity . Robert Hooke later made the claim that Sir Isaac Newton was inspired by Hooke's work in physics .This created a harsh relation ship between the two. That continued till Hooke's day of his death.

Robert Hooke


Robert Hooke created the term "The Cell "

MatThias Schleiden


Schleiden was a botanist who liked to study plants under a microscope

Theodore schwann


This scientist studied slides of animal cells under a microscope and also got a special type of nerve cell named after him " Schwann cell ".And also invented rebreathers for firefighters. After he continued to study animal cells he came to the conclusion that all animals were made of cells .He reached out to the via snail mail to all the other scientists working in the same field as Scheiden .And wrote back to Schwann ,They worked together to start the beginnings of the cell theory .tension rose between the two about the last part of the cell theory that all cells came from preexisting cells Shleiden didn't believe in that theory .His thought were that cells came from free-cell formation

Robert Remak


Virchow stole this research this scientist which led to more angry scientists .

rudolph virchow


Vichow stepped in to prove that cells did come from preexisting cells