William Stone Case


Kristen and Nicholas Barron marry

August 2008

Kristen 40 years younger than Nicholas

Nicholas Barron hires Stone

October 2008

Barron purchases Raccoon Saloon as investment
Barron pays Stone $65,000 advance for construction
No work is done

Nicholas Barron gives $35,000 to Stone

November 15, 2008

Stone and Barron met at Barron home
Barron went to Raccoon Saloon after
Barron did not hear from Stone after

Stone last seen by Bill Rhodes

November 27 2008

Rhodes says William unhappy in marriage
William was en route to saloon in Wrightwood
William's company won bid to remodel saloon
Wrightwood, CA
Vander convinced Stone to go to Wrightwood

Citizen A last returned to Raccoon Saloon

Approx. November 27, 2008

Rental attached to Raccoon Saloon, Wrightwood, CA
Stone's truck not there

Stone last seen by Kristen Barron

November 27, 2008

Stone and Mrs Barron walked dog
German Shorthaired Pointer (brown and white)
Stone leaves for dinner with Mrs Stone and Vander
Barron has no contact with Stone after

Stone last seen by Sharon Stone and Vander

November 27 2008

Not unusual because of Stone's gambling binges
Stone texted Mrs Stone confirming gambling suspicions
Stone had dinner with Sharon, Vander, and Thomas

Last withdrawal from Stone's card

December 31, 2008

Circle K on Highway 38 / 15 Freeway interchange
Man in gray hoodie, sunglasses
Correct pin was used

Text from Stone's phone to Mrs Barron

March 30, 2009

"I know about the affair."
Sent from Stone's office

Sharon Stone files missing persons report

March 31, 2009

Months after Stone goes missing

Stone's cellphone last used

March 31 2009

Last used in Stone's office building
During initial searches, no phone was found
30sec phone call to Sharon Stone went to voicemail
Stone didn't leave voicemail, and usually doesn't

Stone's dismembered body found

May 23, 2009

Identified by gold tooth on skull

Barron's home searched

June 17 2009

Several hunting rifles and knives
Rifles not fired recently
Freezer full of venison from December 2008

Stone's phone records recovered

June 30 2009

Texts recovered:
From Barron about construction and mismanagement
From Sharon Stone looking for him and angry at him
From Vander about business issues and gambling
No texts from Kristen Barron

Stone's Silverado found

August 2, 2009

Behind Raccoon Saloon, Wrightwood, CA
Found by Citizen A visiting rental property
Saloon under renovation