The Evolution of Cell Theory


Zacharias Jansen


Came up with the first compound microscope along with the first telescope. He was from Hague, the Netherlands.

Anton Van Leeuwenhoek


A Dutchman that made his own version of the microscope. He discovered bacteria by looking at dental scrapings. At the time bacteria was actually called animalcules.

Robert Hooke


The person who came up with the name "cell." Looked at a piece of cork and the little rectangles reminded him of cells.

Matthias Schleiden


He was a botanist and studied plants under the microscope. Said that all plants were made of cells.

Rudolf Virchow


He finalized the decision of how cells are made up of other cells.

Robert Remak


He was a Jewish scientist and he came up with the original idea that cells come from other cells.

Theodor Schwann


He studied slides of animal cells. Found out that animals are made of cells. Also got a special nerve cell named after him. Invented rebreathers for firefighters.