Events That Led To The Revolution


The French and Indian War

1754 - 1763

A war fought between Great Britain and it's two enemies, the French and the Native Americans. American colonists, including George Washington, fought with the British in this war. The British won the war.

The Sugar Act


An act that put a three-cent tax on foreign refined sugar and increased taxes on coffee, indigo, and certain kinds of wine. These taxes affected only a certain part of the population, but the affected merchants were very vocal. Besides, the taxes were raised without the consent of the colonists.

The Stamp Act

3/22/1765 - 1765

First direct British tax on American colonists. Every newspaper, pamphlet, and other public and legal document had to have a Stamp, or British seal, on it. Seeing the hostile reaction in the colonies, the British government repealed the Stamp Act in March 1766.

The Stamp Act Congress

10/7/1765 - 10/25/1765

The Stamp Act Congress was a meeting held between October 7 and 25, 1765 in New York City. The men who attended the meeting consisted of representatives from 9 of the British Colonies in North America. The objective of the representatives was to devise a unified protest against new British taxation.

The Townshend Act


Series of 1767 laws named for Charles Townshend. These laws placed new taxes on glass, lead, paints, paper, and tea. Colonial reaction to these taxes was the same as to the Sugar Act and Stamp Act, and Britain eventually repealed all the taxes except the one on tea.

The Boston Massacre


Shooting of five American colonists by British troops on March 5, 1770. Nearly every part of the story is disputed by both sides. he Boston Massacre deepened American distrust of the British military presence in the colonies.

The Boston Tea Party


Angry and frustrated at a new tax on tea, American colonists calling themselves the Sons of Liberty and disguised as Mohawk Native Americans boarded three British ships and dumped 342 whole crates of British tea into Boston harbor.

The Intolerable Acts


The Intolerable Acts, also called the the Restraining Acts and the Coercive Acts, were a series of British Laws, passed by the Parliament of Great Britain. our of the Intolerable Acts were specifically aimed at punishing the Massachusetts colonists for the actions taken in the incident known as the Boston Tea Party. The fifth of the Intolerable Acts series was related to Quebec was seen as an additional threat to the liberty and expansion of the colonies.