Cell Theory Timeline


The First Microscope Was Invented


In the Netherlands the first microscope was invented by Zacharias and Hans Janssen.

Anton van Leeuwenoek


Anton van Leeuwenoek made his own microscope instead of buying his own. He then found bacteria on our teeth, which he called animalcules, since the bacteria reminded him of animals.

Hooke's Rivalry


Robert Hooke was under appreciated since he had a rivalry with Sir Isaac Newton. When Newton wrote a book about his discovery then Hooke claimed that Newton's idea about planets moving because of gravity was based off of his idea. This started the rivalry between these two.



Robert Hooke was receiving letters from Anton van Leeuwenhoek at the time. Hooke discovered cells while looking at a piece of cork under his microscope. He called them cells since they reminded him of monk rooms in a monastery.

Research Lost


Around the time Robert Hooke died his research was lost. His only portrait was also lost. This was due to Isaac Newton. People have found his research years later but they could not find his portrait.

Plant and Animal Cells


Sometime during 1838 Matthias Schleiden discovered that all plants are made up of cells. Schleiden then reached out to other scientists. This was around the time that Theodor Schwann discovered that all animals are made of cells.

Beginning of Cell Theory


Theodor Schwann and Mathias Schleiden started to work on the cell theory together.

Cell Disagreement


When the thought that cells came from other cells came along, Schleiden didn't agree. Schleiden thought that cells just spontaneously appeared into existence.

Rudolf Virchow


Rudolf Virchow came into the argument and had evidence that supported the fact that cells came from preexisting cells.

Virchow and Remak Rivalry


The information about how cells came from other preexisting cells that Rudolf Virchow had was stolen. Virchow had stolen the information from another scientist by the name of Robert Remak.