Thematic Podcast


The Sugar Act

April 5, 1764

A law created by the British that required anyone buying sugar or molasses to pay an extra tax.

The Stamp Act

March 22, 1765

The British Government passed this act which all American colonists to pay an extra tax on all of the paper that they purchased.

The Townshend Acts

June 15, 1767 - July 2, 1767

Four acts that were passed by the British Government that suspended the New York Company from doing any trading.

The Boston Massacre

March 5, 1770

What started as a "patriot mob" riling up a group of soldiers, ended with 5 colonists being killed.

The Gaspee Incident

June 9, 1772

A customs ship from Britain docked on the shores of Rhode Island, and the Sons of Liberty attacked it, and set it on fire.

The Boston Tea Party

December 16, 1773

The Sons of Liberty, led by Samuel Adams, sneaked on to three ships that were docked in the Boston Harbor. Dressed as indians, they dumped 342 chests of tea into the Boston Harbor.

The First Continental Congress

September 5, 1774 - October 26, 1774

Fifty-six delegates representing twelve of the colonies met in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to establish some sort of retaliation for the Intolerable Acts.

Patrick Henry's Speech

March 23, 1775

At the third Virginia Convention, Patrick Henry made his speech, which convinced Virginia to defend themselves against Britain.