Arthur Miller


Birth of Arthur Miller


Arthur Asher Miller was born on October 17th in New York City

First Play


Sees first play--a melodrama at the Schubert Theater.



Enters University of Michigan in the Fall to study journalism. Reporter and night editor on student paper, The Michigan Daily.

"The Man Who Had All the Luck"


His play ‘The Man Who Had All the Luck’ was produced and exhibited in New Jersey.

"All of My Sons"


‘All of My Sons’ became a Broadway success. He received a Tony Award for the Best Author category for this play. This play established him as a well-known playwright.

Arthur Miller Studio


Miller constructed a small studio for himself in Connecticut. He started writing ‘Death of a Salesman’ there and finished it in a few weeks. This play became one of the classics in the literature.

"Death of a Salesman"


‘Death of a Salesman’ was performed at the Moscow Theatre and became an instant commercial success. Miller received a Tony Award, Pulitzer Prize and the New York Drama Circle Critics’ Award for it.

"The Crucible"


‘The Crucible’, which was a play on the idea that the House Un-American Activities Committee is linked to witch hunting in Salem, was performed at the Neck Theatre. It was also made into an opera.