The Cell Theory


Zacharias Janssen

1580 - 1585

Zacharias Janssen is known for inventing the compound optical microscope he was 10 years old. he was born on 1580 or 1585.



Zacharias Janssen is the first person who made the microscope in the 1600

Antonie van Leeuwenhoek


Antoine van Leeuwenhoek is one of the people who made a microscope and one of the people who discovered bacteria and cells but he called them animalcules

Robert Hooke


Robert Hooke is another scientist he worked with Antonie van Leeuwenhoek natural philosopher and brilliant scientist, best known for his law of elasticity

Matthias Schneider


Matthias Schneider is the person who discovered The Cell Theory the part he discover He concluded that all plant parts are made of cells

Theodor schwann


Schwann demonstrated the same fact for animal tissues, and in 1839 concluded that all tissues are made up of cells. Schwann also worked on fermentation and discovered the enzyme pepsin.

Robert Remak


He is best known for reducing Karl Ernst von Baer's four germ layers to three: the ectoderm, mesoderm, and endoderm. He also discovered unmyelinated nerve fibres and the nerve cells in the heart sometimes called Remak's ganglia. Remak discovered that the origin of cells was by the division of pre-existing cells.

Rudolph Virchow


He was one of the first to accept the work of Robert Remak, who showed the origins of cells was the division of pre-existing cells.

The Cell Theory Today


The Cell Theory Today is all of the different theory's that all of those scientific made up in a shorter version or other scientist inproved