The Timeline of Dr. Jane Goodall



April 3, 1934

Dr. Jane Goodall was born near London, England

The First Taste


Dr. Jane Goodall was invited to Africa for the first time, fueling her already intense affection with animals.

The Start of Something Huge

July 14, 1960

Dr. Jane Goodall, having successfully obtaining the funds to study primate behavior, embarked on her quest, setting down in Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania, then a protectorate of the United Kingdom.

Off to Cambridge

1962 - 1965

Dr. Jane Goodall was arranged to attend Cambridge University in the UK to receive a PhD. in ethology. She completed her thesis in 1965

The First Publication

August 1963

Dr. Jane Goodall publishes her research in her first book titled, "My Life Among Wild Chimpanzees."

The Foundation of the Jane Goodall Institute


In 1977, after observing the damage done by people in the wildlife in Africa, Dr. Jane Goodall founded the Jane Goodall Institute, in an attempt to prevent the further destruction of the environment and mistreatment of animals.

Foundation of the Roots and Shoots


Dr. Jane Goodall founded the Roots and Shoots program to educate youth on the environment.


April 2002

The United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan appoints Jane to serve as a United Nations Messenger of Peace.