Punic Wars


The Start of the First Punic War

264 BC

Conflict in Sicily between Rome and Carthage sparks the First Punic War.

Battle of Mylae

260 BC

Rome's first naval win against the Carthaginian Navy. The Roman fleet sinks 50 Carthaginian ships with the help of the newly invented corvus.

Rome Builds Navy Fleet

260 BC

The Greeks help Rome to build a fleet of 120 ships in just 60 days to defeat the illustrious Carthaginian Navy. Also the invention of the corvus, a long battle bridge used to board enemy ships.

Romans Lose at Drepana

249 BC

The Roman Navy suffered a huge defeat by Carthage at Drepana and lost almost its entire fleet of ships.

Roman Victory in Aegates Islands Leads to End of the First Punic War

241 BC

Roman naval victory over Carthage in the Aegates Islands leads to the end of the First Punic War. Sicily becomes Rome's first foreign province.

Hamilcar Barca Arrives in Spain

237 BC

Hamilcar Barca, the Carthaginian commander, arrives in Spain to expand Carthaginian territory.

Hannibal Crosses the Alps

218 BC

Hannibal (Hamilcar Barca's son) crosses the Alps with his elephants. Hannibal was one of the greatest military leaders in history. Second Punic War begins.

The Start of the Second Punic War

218 BC

Battle of Cannae

216 BC

Hannibal destroys the Roman army at Cannae in the most severe defeat ever suffered by Rome.

Scipio Africanus Conquers Spain

206 BC

Scipio defeated the remaining Carthaginian forces in Spain, which placed Spain under Roman control.

Scipio Africanus Goes to North Africa

204 BC

Hannibal Defends Carthage Against Scipio Africanus

203 BC

Hannibal is moved from Italy to defend Carthage against Scipio Africanus.

Battle of Zama Leads to End of Second Punic War

202 BC

Scipio Africanus decisively defeats Hannibal at the Battle of Zama. Carthaginians brought 80 elephants to the battle. This ends the Second Punic War.

Carthage Attacks Numidia

150 BC

Carthaginian army attacks Numidia and breaks the peach treaty agreed to with Rome.

Rome Attacks Carthage

149 BC

Rome sends 80,000 infantry and 4,000 calvary to attack Carthage.

The Start of the Third Punic War

149 BC

Roman Siege of Carthage Continues

148 BC

Scipio Africanus the Younger Takes Command

147 BC

Scipio Africanus the Younger takes over command of the siege of Carthage and blocks its harbor.

Carthage is Destroyed by the Romans. End of Third Punic War

146 BC

Scipio Africans the Younger obliterates Carthage and its people were sold into slavery.