Just in Time!


A New National Capital

June 1800

The U. S. capital is moved from Philadelphia to Washington, D.C.

Election of the President and Vice President by Congress

February 11 1801

The balloters' votes in favor of president are formally opened and numbered in Congress, which definitely realizes that the vote is tied amongst Jefferson and Aaron Burr. T

Louisiana Purchase


Louisiana Purchase January 18. Jefferson approaches Congress for assets for an undertaking to investigate the Mississippi River and past looking for a course to the Pacific.

Jefferson Wins Re-Election

November 1804

Jefferson is re-chosen president.



Jefferson gets additional data from an assortment of sources in Pennsylvania and New York, including Generals William Eaton and James Wilkinson, that Aaron Burr is sorting out a military campaign against Spanish belonging with the end goal of isolating western domains from the United States.


June 22 1807

The British warship Leopard assaults the American ship Chesapeake off the Virginia drift since its commander declined to permit the British to board and scan for miscreants. Three American sailors are murdered and eighteen injured as the British drive a boarding and evacuate four affirmed defectors. Subsequent to learning of the assault on June 25, Jefferson assembles a crisis bureau conference.

Fourth President of the United States

November 1808

James Madison is chosen President.

War of 1812 with Britain


Missouri Compromise


Missouri Compromise, conceding Missouri as a slave state and Maine as a free state.

From Slavery to Freedom


New York gives free Blacks the privilege to vote