Rev. War Project


The proclamation line


After the treaty of Paris in 1763 that ened the seven year war started the proclamation line. The British passed the law that the colonist couldn't expand to the Appalachians because the Indians owned it. The colonist got very angry that they couldn't expand. So they decided to forge a revolutionary alliance with other colonist.

The Stamp Act

1765 - 1766

The British put tax on paper: newspaper, magazines, and legal documents. The British put a stamp on each piece of paper to show that it was taxed. It was repealed a year later because the colonist protested to much about the act

The Townshend Act

1767 - 1770

The British added new tax on glass, lead, paper, and tea. It was only to pay for salaries to the officials like Judges, and governs. This pushed the colonist towards revolution. This is where " No taxation without representation."

Boston Masscare


It was the affect of the Townshend Act. The sons of liberty and the colonist were mad a the British for taxing them for more things.So the colonist started throwing bricks at the British soldiers, so the soldiers killed all of them. John Adams made an engraving that showed the British soldiers shooting them with no reason. That made the colonist look at the British a whole other way.

Committees of Correspondence


The Maryland Committee of Correspondence was instrumental in setting up the First Continental Congress. It was a way for patriot leaders to communicate between the thirteen colonies. Also they were shadow governments that the patriot leaders organized on the eve of the American revolution.

Tea Act

May 10 1773

The tea act was so that the British east India tea company could sell tea cheaper than tea price of smuggled tea. The British didn't want to raise the tax on the revenue and didn't want to give any new laws. The colonist still didn't like how they were approaching things so this act lead to the Boston tea Party.

The Boston Tea Party

December 6 1773

It was a protest by the Sons of Liberty, that they threw 342 crates of tea into the river. They did this because of the unfair laws like the tea act, and because that they still didn't have no one to represent them when England makes the laws. So they dressed up as Indians and went on bored of the ship, and dumped he tea. Today that would be over a million dollars worth of tea.

Intolerable Act


The British passed 5 laws to punish the colonist for the Boston Tea Party. The laws were the Boston Port Act, Massachusetts Government act, Administration Justice Act, Quartering Act, and the Quebec Act. This act helped the colonist come together and push them toward the to a Revolution.

Battle of Lexington and Concord


It wasn't really a battle but it was the start of the revolutionary war. The militia were trying to hide their guns from the British that's when John Adams said the British are coming. Then someone fired a shot no ones who it really was but they started fighting, but it only lasted a while.

The Treaty Of Paris


It was a treaty that ended the revolutionary war. It was signed in Paris that's how it got its name, but it did take a long time. After the war was over the King still took a year and a half to actually sign the treaty. So that means that this was the end of the war for good.