Burke and Wills Expedition


Burke and Wills expedition leaves from Royal Park Melbourne

20th August 1860

Arrives Menindie - leave men and supplies behind

12th October 1860

Arrive Cooper's Creek

11th November 1860

Burke, Wills, Grey and King leave Cooper's Creek

16th December 1860

Arrive Gulf of Carpentaria

11th February 1861

Begin return journey

12th February 1861

Run out of food- kill a camel and horse to eat

Approx. March 1861

Charles Grey dies

17th April 1861

Arrive Cooper's Creek- Brahe's party has left 9 hours earlier

21st April 1861

Follow the creek to find food - become weaker

May 1861

Burke and Wills die

June 1861

John King is found by rescue party.

15th September 1861