Evolution of Televisions


Introduction of Color Tv


Color tv was first tested by CBS. It was a fight between RCA and CBS but CBS was first approved by the FCC.

Introduction of Live Tv


Live broadcasting became important for television when President Harry Truman's speech at the Japanese Peace Treaty Conference in San Francisco. It was transmitted to local broadcasting channels utilizing AT&T's transcontinental cable technology.

Development of High-Definition televisions


NHK Company in Japan developed the first high definition system. In 1974 Panasonic designed a prototype television capable of displaying 1,125 lines of pixels while standard definition can only display 480 lines.



The first true all LED flat panel television screen was developed by J.P. Mitchell. LED is similar to LCD, but uses LEDs as back lights instead of CCFL lamps.

Curved OLED television


The Eastern Kodak Company invented OLED technology. LG was the first company to come out with the curved OLED television and put it on the market.

Introduction of Digital Television


The research of analog television and it’s pros and cons ultimately led to the creation and use of Digital Television.

Plasma television


The first real plasma tv was made by Fujitsu. The tv itself became flatter in size and the screens were enlarged.

Smart Tv/Internet Tv


This tv was first introduced by Samsung. They intended for the tv to be used without the remote. They have built in apps that you can use like Netflix.

Increased Usage of Mobile Applications


There are many apps being made. People wanted to be able to watch YouTube on their TV instead of their phone or laptop. People also wanted to watch Netflix on their TV since it is the most popular form of watching movies and tv shows. Also with the accessory of bluetooth, people wanted to be able to connect to their tv without a cord.