Egyptian Timeline


Old kingdom

3100 bc - 2150 bc

Civiliztaion begins when pharoh Khasekhemwy.

First egyptian pyramid

2950 bc

The step pyramid. Built under the rule of saqqara

Pharoh Snefru

2613 bc - 2589 bc

He built the first true kingdom. He also changed the orientation of burials.

Pharoh Khafre

2575 bc - 2465 bc

He built the second largest pyramid at giza. Also built the huge Sphinx

The great pyramids

2575 bc

They are built at dashur and giza.


2500 B.C.

The giant half man half lion.

pharaoh pepi ii

2325 Bc - 2150 Bc

His rule was the longest rule. His ruled roughly 94 years long.

Pharoh Nitocris

2283 BC - 2150 Bc

Last ruler of the sixth dynasty as a women. She eventually died from suicide.

Middle Kingdom

2055 bc - 1700 bc

Amenemhet I

1991 bc - 1962 bc

Amenemhet builds the pyramid of Hawara. reigned 1938–08 bce.

pharaoh senusret

1971 Bc - 1928 Bc

He was the leader of the 12th dynasty. He was belived to have ruled the best out of all pharohs

Pharoh Amenemhet IV

1808 bc - 1799 Bc

He would trade with byholes and had a good relationship with them.

Neferhotep I

1741 bc - 1731 BC

This pharoh is in the bible and the story moses

Ahmose I

1550 BCE - 1525 BCE

The begining of the 18th dynasty

New kingdom

1550 BC - 1178 BC


1525 bc - 1504 bc

Pharaoh of the 13th dynasty.

Thutmose I

1504 BCE - 1492 BCE

The egyptain campain goes all the way to ancient Mesopotamia


1473 bc - 1458 bc

Hatshepsut declares herself ruler along with Thutmose III who is a young boy


1333 bc - 1323 bc

Tutankhamun dies at the age 19.

Seti I

1306 bc - 1290 bc

Ramesses II rises to power

Ramesses II

1290 bc - 1224 bc

Has a war called Battle of Kadesh

The Battle of Kadesh

1274 bc - 1258 bc

It is a big long war between Ramesses II and the Hittle king of Muwatalli II

Ramesses III

1194 bc - 1178 bc

Is considered to be the last pharoh in egypt. The last pharoh in the new kingdom.

The battle against the sea people

1180 bc - 1178 bc

Is the last battle in the new kingdom. Ramesses III "defeats" the sea people on the shores of Xois