The history of mental illness



400 B.C

The greek physician believed that one of our four essential bodily fluids(blood,yellow bile, black bile, phlegm were responsible for mental illnesses

Isolated mentally ill Patients

1600 - 1609

Mentally ill people were housed with handicapped and delinquents, the insane were treated horrible ex. chained to walls

Dorothea Dix

1840 - 1849

She lobbied better living conditions for the mentally ill, after seeing the dangerous conditions they lived in.

Sigmund Freud treatments

1900 - 1909

The first treatments of neurotic mental disorders and psychosis are psychoanalytic therapies or ( talking cures that were developed by Sigmund Freud and others.

Child guidance clinics


Mental Health America started more than 100 child clinics for prevention and treatment.


1914 - 1919

Soldiers were given talk therapies for their " shell shock" which is known today as post traumatic stress which is a mental condition triggered by a terrifying event

Insulin Coma Therapy

1930 - 1939

Created a low blood sugar coma, this therapy was used as a tool to treat mental illness because insulin levels were altered, which wired the brain.

National Mental Health Act


President Truman signed this act so that research could be done to the mind, brain, and behavior to reduce mental illness.

First treatment of psychosis


John Cade, Australian Psychiatrist was the first to treat psychosis(a loss of contact with external reality) with lithium.

Passage of the Mental Retardation Facilities and Community mental health centers construction act


provided the first federal grants for construction of public or nonprofit community mental health centers.