The Trail Of Tears


Louisianan purchase


The purchase by the United States from France of the huge Louisiana Territory in 1803.

Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek


Choctaw were forced to travel to Oklahoma in below freezing temperatures and flooding. Many of them died and did not make it.

Seminole Resistance


Seminole Indians were instructed to settle with the Creek Reservation, and the Creek reservation considered them deserters. The Seminoles resisted peacefully

Dade Massacre


A group of African Americans joined the Seminole in an ambush against the U.S army.

Treaty of New Echota


Cherokee land was taken and they were given 5 millions dollars with a reservation in Oklahoma. Cherokee never saw the money, and was spent elsewhere.

Cherokee Roundup


They were forced into concentration camps full of disease and starvation, Cherokee Indians that were not bought as slaves, were held until the first bunch was sent on the trail of tears

Last group on the trail


Began marching one thousand miles on foot, no shoes, light clothing. Not allowed to stop in any towns in fear of passing on diseases, and were poorly treated and had to pay more for the ferry.



5,000 if the Cherokee died on the trail, and named it "Nu na da ul tsun yi", or "the place where they cried"

Peaceful Petitioning over


Cherokee tries to speak with congress to protest the treaty of Echota, but congress did not listen and troops were ordered to round up the Cherokee.

Act of Union


Eastern and Western Cherokee nations were joined by the Act of Union.

Ross Party


the first group of Cherokee arrived in Oklahoma. A riverboat brought many injured, and sick Cherokee, along with Chief Ross.