The throne of fire


Stealing of Artifacts

November 4, 2004

Sadie, Carter, Walt and Jaz have to steal a scroll from the museum which will help them to Awake Ra the sun god.

Mission 1 accomplished

January 1, 2012

They manage to steal the first scroll and got carried away by the Griffin which they tamed.

Sadie's Birthday

January 3, 2012

It is Sadie's birthday and she decided to visit her grandparents. when she gets there, she finds them hosts of two gods, Nekhbet and Babi. They chase Sadie and her friends through the city but then leave Their body afterward.

Carter to the rescue

January 4, 2012

Carter is viewing his grandparents room though his scring bowl when the oil sets on fire. He realises something is wrong and goes to the rescue with Walt.


January 4, 2012

When Carter and Sadie went with Bes in his car he took them to russia by summoning a portal.

Stealing again

January 5, 2012

Walter goes back to Brooklyn, Cater and Sadie will Steal the second scroll from their enemy Vlad Menshikov's desk located in the secret room.

Teleportation Again

January 5, 2012

Bes again summons a portal to get out of Russia. Next stop Alexandria, Egypt. This was the closest portal they could get through when they were being chased by magicians.

To the Daut

January 6, 2012

Sadie and Carter make their way to the Duat while Walt and Zia go to the Brooklyn House. Sadie and Carter ride on the boat of Ra and Sadie tries to control the light servants. She does but after a long time of mental conflict.

Finding the last Scroll

January 6, 2012

Sadie Summons walt by using an amulet and then they both went to the secret place in the desert and were helped by a Roman to find the scroll. After they found the scroll they were betrayed by the roman and attacked by Mummies. But god Ptah helps them to rescue and go to Cater and Bes.

Rescuing ZIa

January 6, 2012

Carter and Bes go to the place of red sand to find Zia Rashid's tomb. This where she was buried to protect her from the evil. Carter and Bes get cornered by the House of Life until Sadie and Walt come to the rescue.

Finding Ra

January 7, 2012

As Sadie and Carter go to the hospital to find the sun god, Ra. They find him after Sadie says the words of the second scroll. This leads them to Ra and Carter opens his closed mouth. He immediatly starts saying zebra and weasel.

Great Life Saving Words By Ra

January 10, 2016

Sadie, Carter and Ra keep traveling down the duat. The river then suddenly changed course. It lead to the evil Apophis's prison. Vlad Menshikov is already there waiting for the Apophis to rise. They have a great battle and when all hope is lost, the Apophis goes to Ra. Ra then says "Want a cookie? A weasel cookie." Apophis gets very confused them gets trapped.

Back to Brooklyn

October 28, 2016

After completing the river course, they went to the Brooklyn House. A battle was raging there. As soon as the Sun Boat arrived at the House, everyone stopped even the enemies. They all dropped their weapons. Sadie and Carter told everyone what happened. They find out that zebra was Zia and weasels was Walt.