The Development of Liberalism


Ancient Greek Democracy

Approx. 508 BC - Approx. 322 BC

This was one of the first democracies to ever exist, and provided the concept for the development of modern day governments. It allowed the people for vote for themselves instead of electing a representative, giving them the power to make decisions.

Magna Carta


The first document to stabilize the power between a king and his people, basically creating the idea of "Rule of Law". It said that the king himself was not above the law, and limited the power of rulers. It influenced many documents that are made today to protect the rights and freedoms of citizens.


1300 - 1600

During this time, all forms of life progressed and it allows financial growth within Europe. They rose out of the dark ages and brought new ideas based around intellect. They looked forward to the future and are said to have built the bridge connecting them to what we see as modern day society.

Haudenosaunee Confederacy

Approx. 1400 - Approx. 1776

When the 6 groups came together to create "The Great Law of Peace" to stop feuding among themselves. This brought ideas of modern democracy, such as dividing the powers and equal participation for everyone. It was one of the first democratic systems in the world, which laid the base for what we now know.


1517 - 1648

This was when the idea of the church having too much corrupt power was brought about. Through the years they decreased in power as people were encouraged to make decisions based off of reason. This brought about a new concept of freedom, both for the people and the church.

Industrial Revolution

Approx. 1700 - Approx. 1800

In this time, many advancements were made in the fields of technology and individual rights. As it progressed, people became more aware of how little political rights they had, so they demanded to be given them due to the declining employment rates.

The Enlightenment


During this time, people believe much more strongly in the power of the individual and the use of reason when making decisions. Philosophers helped to promote these ideas, which in turn promoted the ideas of classical liberalism.

American Revolution


The ideas from the enlightenment brought about the American Revolution. They wanted independence from Britain, which meant becoming it's own ruler and completely separating. This brought about the idea of freedom to do as you wish, especially in the sense that they decided they no longer wanted to be a part of something they did not like.

French Revolution


During this revolution, all people fought for their rights. They wanted to bring about change for themselves and stop the use of awful kings who took away their freedom. They fought against the class system, eventually bringing about equality and freedom for all.

Changes to Class System


As society grew and changes, the class system faded away and become more based on wealth. Classic liberalism brought about the respect of every individual as unique, encouraging everyone to grow with the world around them. Everybody had a greater chance to gain economic status and become more wealthy, as they were seen as more equal and free.