Evolution of Cars


Steam powered vehicle created by Nicholas-Joseph Cugnot


This was the first automobile in the world- however the vehicle didn't have four wheels- it had three, one at the front for steering and driving , and two at the back.

Francois Isaac de Rivaz designed a car with an internal combustion engine powered by hydrogen


Anyos Jedlik puts his electric motor into a small model car


Charles Goodyear accidentally discovers the process to create the rubber that we use to make car tyres


Goodyear, who began experimenting with India rubber after his father's business went bankrupt, discovered vulcanization after he accidentally dropped some India rubber mixed with sulfur on a fire.

Joseph Etienne Lenoir creates an internal combustion engine that runs on gas


This engine was a popular replacement for steam engines at first, but since it was not efficient or practical, it quickly lost popularity

Siegfried Marcus builds the first car while in Vienna


This first car did not have brakes, steering wheels, or seats, however it had an internal combustion engine ( an engine that creates power by burning petrol or oil)
His second version of this car was made in 1880, and he had another two versions after that, each of them with improved versions of steering, clutch, and brakes.

NIkolaus Otto creates an internal combustion engine that runs on petrol


This engine was a huge success, as Otto's four stroke cycle meant much more power and efficiency. 8,300 of these engines were sold from 1876 and 1889, which is around 11 engines a week!

Karl Benz develops a petrol powered automobile.


His first prototype was a simple gasoline engine of his own creation attached to a three wheeled carriage, which his wife and two sons drove on a 100 km trip to visit his wife's mother. This trip drew the public's attention to the car's reliability, and Benz's wife convinced Benz to add gears to the car to help with going uphill.

Rudolf Diesel, the creator of the diesel engine, makes his first fully-working engine.


The Daimler company shows the first Mercedes at the 'Nice Race Week'.


The Daimler company was created by Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach, who worked for Nikolaus Otto.

Henry Ford begins to sell the Model T Ford


Henry Ford wanted to create a car that was cheap enough so everyone could afford it, as cars back then were extremely expensive, meaning not many people could afford one. It took Ford eight different models, which were named A, N, C, F, N, S, R, and K before his final model, T, was sold. Over 15 million Model T Fords were sold, making Henry Ford a very rich man.

Two of the oldest automobile companies merge and becomes the company Daimler-Benz AG

June 1926

This name soon becomes Mercedes-Benz

Honda becomes the first Japanese car factory to open factories in the U.S and Canada

Approx. 1982

Honda was the first Japanese car company to have a factory in the U.S, as it was the only way around import restrictions. Nissan and later Toyota also opened factories in the next 4 years.

Google adds it's experimental driverless tech to a Toyota Prius and gets it licensed


First self driving car fatality

7 May 2016

Joshua Brown was killed when his Tesla Model S failed to pick up on a truck that had turned left into the Tesla's path as it headed towards a side road.