Seton Hill History


Jennings Farm Purchased


St. Joseph's Academy Established


First class graduates in 1887.

Chapel Bell

December 7, 1899

200 Sisters of Charity, pulling together, swung the chapel bell into the tower. [Can I get some accounts of this? What was the scene like? Where's the bell now?]

Entrance Road Built


Road built by PA Railroad. Before this, long wooden boardwalk descended down hill - known as 'mudville' at the bottom where people would cross to get to the train station and downtown Gbg.

Seton Junior College Opens


Provided 2 years of college instruction for women.

Coal Rights Sold


April 1916 - Sisters sold coal rights to 18 acres of Seton Hill property. Proceeds were used to fund new buildings.

Lake Regina Drains


In Seton Hill's early history, summer washing was done at Lake Regina, which had been named after Mother Regina Ennis and created using the waters of Sacred Heart Spring. Mother Josephine, an art teacher, designed the lakebed in the shape of a palette. In the winter, ice from the lake was cut & stored in an icehouse.

When coal mining began on the property, Lake Regina and many of the springs on the property were drained.

College Charter Obtained


Seton Hill College is established. Application process for a college charter began in 1916; charter approved on April 12, 1918 and issued on June 3, 1918. Mother Mary Joseph Havey inaugurated as SHC's first president.

The Setonian Published


In 1919, the first issue of The Setonian - the Hill's student newspaper - was produced.

President's House


What was formerly St. Anne's Infirmary becomes the President's House.

Sullivan Hall


Activities Building is renamed Sullivan Hall. (After death of President Sullivan?)

Faculty House


President's House becomes the Faculty House.


Stokes Mansion/Mother House/St. Mary's

Approx. 1882

In 1889, St. Mary's Preparatory School for Boys was moved to the former Mother House. It has been known as St. Mary's since.

[renovations, removal of 4th floor, same foundation as original mansion - Stokes mansion, brief history of William Stokes & the visit by Carnegie]

St. Joseph Academy

1886 - 1889

Built from 1886-1889 under Mother Aloysia Lowe.

Chapel Annex


Built in 1889(?). Chapel dedicated on November 18, 1896. Construction directed by Mother Joseph Doran, an artist - she designed the stained-glass doors at the south entrance (from the stairs). Cecilian Hall is in the same wing.

Pipe organ was donated by Andrew Carnegie, first to be donated by him to a private institution.

Laundry Building


See those screwed-shut laundry chutes in Maura Hall? Back when it was a young boys' school, students would drop their clothes down the chutes to be washed by the Sisters in the Laundry Building.

St. Anne's Infirmary/President's House/Faculty House

1903 - 2004

Boiler & Pump House

1908 - 1925

St. Mary's Seminary (Maura Hall)


Housed St. Mary's School until 1914. 3rd floor had St. Joseph Academy classrooms until the Academy closed in 1947.

The Barn

1910 - 1958

Fall of 1909 - original barn burned (was near the bend in the current entrance drive). Workmen saved the cows, but hay/grain/farm equipment was lost. People of Greensburg provided equipment & feed for the cows. New barn was built in the spot where Havey Hall is now.

The Grotto


Lowe Hall

1919 - 1920

Built from 1919-1920. Lowe Hall was named by the 3 members of the class of 1920, who took it upon themselves to put the name into a celebratory Setonian ad that had been taken out by the construction company.

This building is constructed in Lombard Gothic architecture. Old traditions concerning the building included the Senior Ivy Planting (which first took place on the west wall of Lowe Hall) and the Junior Tree Planting. Ivy planting has been discontinued due to damage to the buildings; however, the tree planting continues today.



(Which greenhouse is this/where?)

St. Joseph Hall

1922 - 1923

Built from 1922-1923. Originally housed the Sisters. (When did it become home to faculty offices?)

Canevin Hall

1923 - 1924

Built from 1923-1924.

Activities Building (Sullivan Hall)


The activities building was renamed Sullivan Hall in 1947.

Maryglen Cabin

Approx. 1940 - Approx. 1960


1942 - 1957

Location? (Near where Reeves is now, I think.)

Ennis Hall


Originally housed sophomore students, I believe. Now belongs to the Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill.

Brownlee Hall


Havey Hall


Reeves Memorial Library


Child Development Center


Lynch Hall


The Clay Frick Lynch Hall of Science.

Bayley Hall


McKenna Center


The Katherine Mabis McKenna Recreation Center.

Farrell Hall


DeChantal Hall



Mother Aloysia Lowe Dies

December 25, 1889

Mother Havey - President

1918 - 1921

Mother Mary Joseph Havey inaugurated as SHC's first president.

Sr. Francesca Brownlee

1919 - 1929

Sr. Francesca Brownlee served as Dean of the college from 1919 to 1929. She is believed to have written an article that appeared in the 1919 Seton Hill Bulletin, and which calls for Seton Hill's management to be open to changes in methods, "for they are bound by no traditions and they fear nothing but God's disfavor and the closed mind."

Mother Mary Raymond Creed

1921 - 1924

Mother M. Raymond Creed is installed as the second President of Seton Hill College.

Mother Rose Genevieve Rogers

1924 - 1925

Mother Rose Genevieve Rogers was third President of Seton Hill College.

Father Daniel Richard Sullivan

1925 - 1931

Fourth President of Seton Hill; first male President. Fr. Sullivan was a rather frail man, but enjoyed taking trips around the area in the autumn. On one such outing with a female faculty member driving, the car flipped and Fr. Sullivan broke his back. He died approximately 7-8 months later.

Father Reeves

1931 - 1947

Fifth President of Seton Hill College.

Monsignor William Granger Ryan

1948 - 1970

Sixth President of Seton Hill College.

Sr. Mary Thecla Schmidt

1970 - 1977

Seventh President of Seton Hill College. Had previously served as Vice President under Msgr. Ryan.

Eileen Farrell

1977 - 1987

Eighth President of Seton Hill College.

Dr. JoAnne Boyle

1987 - 2013

Ninth President of Seton Hill College. Dr. Boyle was a graduate of Seton Hill College ('57) and later taught in the English department. Under her administration, the college became a university and went coed.

Bibiana Boerio

2013 - 2014

Interim President. Boerio is a graduate of Seton Hill College.

American History

JFK Assassination

November 22, 1963

MLK Assassination

April 4, 1968

World History

World War I

1914 - 1918

World War II

1939 - 1945

Korean War

June 25, 1950 - July 27, 1953

Vietnam War

November 1 1955 - April 30 1975