The Scythian Timeline


Scythians migrate from Persia into the Asian steppes.

Approx. 1000 BC

The Scythians Sack Haojing, Capitol of Zhou China, ending the Western Zhou Dynasty. This was the last great event during their stay in the Steppes.

770 BC

Scythians dominate the western Asian steppes.

700 BC - 300 BC

Scythians and Mannaens attack Assyria.

Approx. 676 BC

Incursions by Babylonians, Elamites, Medes and Scythians weakens the city of Nineveh.

625 BC

Nineveh is sacked and burned by combined forces of Babylonians, Scythians and Medes.

612 BC

The Scythians prosper north of the Black Sea.

Approx. 600 BC - Approx. 300 BC

The Scythians kill Cyrus the Great of Persia.

Approx. 529 BC

Darius I of Persia fights the Scythians unsucessfully.

520 BC

Darius I of Persia Campaigns against Scythians into European Scythia, past the Danube River, Scythians refuse to fight and Darius is forced to abandon the campaign due to lack of provisions.

Approx. 513 BC - Approx. 512 BC

Philip II, Father of Alexander the Great, leads a military expedition against the Scythians.

342 BC

Philip II of Macedon fights the Scythians without sucess.

339 BC

Alexander the Great wins a decisive battle at the Iaxartes river against the Scythians.

329 BC

Sarmatians conquer the Scythians for a time

300 BC

Scythians tribes migrate into Bactria, Sogdiana and Arachosia.

200 BC - 100 BC

Mithridates the Great kills the Scythian king Skilurus in battle.

Approx. 110 BC

Mithridates the Great of Greece kills King Palacus, and destroys the Scythians.

Approx. 100 BC