The E-Commerce Boom


Companies allowed to setup electronic transactions


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First ATM installed

September 2, 1969

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Creation of the Web Browser by Tim Berners


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National Science Foundation (NSF) allows commercial internet traffic


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Jeff Bezos founds Amazon

July 5 1994

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First E-sale (USA)

August 11, 1994

A Sting CD was the first e-sale purchase
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First E-Sale in the UK


It was a book written by Paul Stanfield which later turned into the first e-sale in the UK
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e-Bay founded

September 3, 1995

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Victoria Secret turns to the Web


Victoria Secret releases their own online retail website.
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Walmart launches website


Source: 1 Bubble Burst!


Period lasted from 1995-2001. Stock investments crashed in 2000. The NASDAQ stock peaked at 5,048.62 before it crashed
Source: 2 acquires Paypal


Elon Musk & Bill Harris were the CEO's responsible for this deal
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Google Shopping


Created a comparison tool allowing users to make more informed decisions towards buying products
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PCI Data Security Standards 1.0 is released

December 15,2004

A new set of protocols are implemented to increase the level of security on credit cards and reduce fraudulent cases.
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Revenue from Facebook Ad's Begin: Microsoft deal


Microsoft realizes the significance of Facebooks large user base and signs a deal where Facebook creates ads on their website for profit
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Netlfix moves to On-demand video streaming

February 2007

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Introduction of the first iPhone

June 2, 2007

From this period onward mobile-commerce began to gain mass popularity due to mobile apps.
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Bitcoin launches

October 31 2008

Bitcoin is a form of virtual currency and runs entirely online there is no physical form for this currency.
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Uber Mobile App launched

March 2009

Users pay for ride services via their mobile phone.
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Apple Pay

October 20, 2014

Apple releases a wallet service that accepts users credit cards and allows purchases via a mobile device
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