AP world extra credit


Development of world's first civilization, Mesopotamia

Approx. 5,000 BCE

Mesopotamia was the first river valley civilization, this was critical because it set the foundations for all other civilizations to come.

creation of the phonetic alphabet

1800 BCE

The sedmidic speaking people created this written language. The importance of the phonetic alphabet is that it is the basis of all written alphabets

Greek colonization

1700 BCE

The colonization of Greece had a great impact on this time period because Greece was a big contributor to the Hellenistic culture which was used by the Romans. Greece also created the Olympic games, had democracy and had columns, which are all used in today's society.

End of Indus river valley

1500 BCE - 700 BCE

The end of the Indus river valley is crucial to this time period because Aryans invaded. The Aryan's had the vedic religion that was an early version of Hinduism, which is the basis for India's society

first monotheistic religion, Zoroastrianism

1000 BCE

The start of Zoroastrianism is important because it is one of the main religions in Persia. It also allows for other monotheistic religions to form off of the thought that there is only one god, such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Development of Buddhism

Approx. 455 BCE

The development of Buddhism, started when Siddhartha Gautama became Buddha, or enlightened one. This is critical to this time period because it created one of the main religions in the world and it allowed for the people in India to have another option instead of the caste system in Hinduism.

Alexander the great's invasion of India

Approx. 327 BCE

This event is crucial to this time period because the Hellenistic culture was spread to India because of it. Cultural diffusion started in India because of it as well

start of the Han dynasty

Approx. 200 BCE

The start of the Han dynasty is crucial to this time period because it was China's golden age. That is important because that time period allowed for art to be created, better architecture, and an emphasis on Confucianism, winch is the basis for the Chinese society.

Start of the roman empire

27 BCE

The importance of the start of the roman empire is that the pax romana or the time of peace happened in rome durring this time

Fall of roman republic

27 BCE

the fall of the roman republic was crucial for the time period because it allowed for the roman empire to take over, which spread the roman culture to other parts of the world.

Diocletian separates roman empire

Approx. 285 CE

The division is crucial for this time period because the eastern roman empire became the byzantine empire, which had Christianity in it and life without Christianity would be vastly different than what we know today. Without the division all of Rome would have fallen this way the eastern part of Rome's culture gets preserved.

Constantine issues the edict of Milan

Approx. 313 CE

The edict of Milan was important because it was the law that made all of Rome Christian. That is important because Christianity becomes a lot more popular, and when the founding fathers came to america they based the colonies on this rule.

Collapse of the roman empire

476 CE

The collapse of Rome was crucial for this time period because slavery would have not allowed for Rome to advance technologically, which without it falling would have happened. Christianity seemed to flourish after to fall of the roman empire as well.