When Sweatshops originated


Sweatshops originated in Educator in the early 1800's

European immigrants were the main labourers for these Sweatshops


Many eastern and western European immigrants were the main race in the Sweatshops just because it didn't matter how much they got paid. Many of the Europeans were orphans and or unskilled adults who worked in extremely rough conditions.

The spread of Sweatshops


The spread of Sweatshops became greater, sweat shops had spread all over the world and would continue to operate at a rapid speed up until the end of WWIIs

Sweatshops Taking a hit


In 1945 Sweatshops around the world took a big hit due to Governments creating rules and regulations about the treatment of the labourers in the Sweatshops. Many Sweatshops went out of business due to the higher wages that needed to be paid.

Late 90's Sweatshop return


Sweatshops have made a return back into society in the Late 90's and big companies like Nike, Joe Fresh, Walmart, and many others have taken advantage of low wage paid labourers. The company that took the biggest grief for these scandals was Nike.

Iqbal Masih


This young boy Iqbal was a voice for all children, He was 12 years old working in a Sweatshop and was being paid cents and hour just like every other kid in that era.

Iqbal Masih Message


Iqbal was a very powerful young boy with a powerful messages and had many followers and many people who admired this boy for what he was doing. Iqbal was a young boy who was a child labourer at the age of 4, and has been working in Sweatshops for eight years. He eventually managed to escape at the age of 12 and would then begin to preach about what he has seen and experienced. Iqbal became the voice that everyone listen to, He had many followers and would even go to America and speak.

Nike Scandal


In 1994 Nike ran one of the biggest sporting goods manufactures around the world. This involved Pakistan, China, Vietnam, and Indonesia although all were victims of Sweatshops Pakistan netted 385 million dollars into Pakistan economy. Although they were making plenty of money Nike also had many children working for them some were working on the line and they were only four or maybe five. Many adults were paid on $5 a day which is extremely touch to live on. It wasn't till later that people then noticed what was happening.

Iqbal impact


Iqbal's impact on society and how we look at Sweatshops was huge. As Iqbal kept preaching and voicing what he believes in there was an estimated 3000 children who escaped from their owners.

Craig took action


Craig created this organization call Free the Children and at the age of 12 he raised 150,000 dollars for his foundation and would put every penny into what he believes is right. This Organization founded wasn't only Craig it was also a handful of classmates that participated. By the age of 12 Craig traveled to Bangladesh to see meet these children who are working hard in very poor conditions getting paid very low wages. Craig would go on to visit many other places as well.

Craig Kielburger


Craig read about this young boy the same age as him and decided to make a difference. Craig was only 12 at the time and it seem crazy for this young boy to take such an interest another young boys life. It was one day Craig was looking through the news paper for comics and stumbled upon this article about this boy in Pakistan.

Iqbal's death


April 16th, 1995 Iqbal was assassinated on palm Sunday on his way back from mass.

Kathie Lee, Sweatshop Queen


In 1996 Kathie Lee was exposed and sued for her Sweatshops that she has been operating in Honduras. Her Sweatshops produced a clothing line for Walmart and netted 300 million dollars. Unfortunately for Kathie she was exposed and being sued for child labour. These Young children between the ages of 12 and 14 would be working for 14 hours and would only be paid 22 cents and hour.

Nike scandal pt.2


June 1996, Life magazine came out with an article about child Labour in Pakistan and from that day on Nike knew they were in trouble. The image from the article was a 12 year old boy named Tariq from Pakistan. The image also had a whole bunch of Nike soccer balls that he had been doing the stitchings for, he would be doing this day in and day out for 60 cents. This 12 year old boy then set an alarm off for many people around the world especially Canada and America, shortly after people would protest outside Nike stores holding the exact photo of Tariq. Since then Nike has raised wages and made working conditions much better, they also have rules and regulations for ages to work.

Kathie Lee accused once again


Kathie Lee, has been accused yet once again for running Sweatshops in El Salvador. After firing two employees they went and began speaking out about the problems in those Sweatshops, for instance Women Being made to work overtime without pay, and also women being harassed in these types of environments. Although this is bad Kathie's husband Frank Gifford got everything straighten up and began to make improvements with the the conditions and wages of the workers.

From Iqbal to Craig


If Iqbal was there to thank Craig he would, Criag continued exactly what Iqbal was doing and that was voicing his voice and making sure people heard what it was he wanted to say. Craig did that and more this boy had National spotlight on him, Cameras flashing, microphones always near him, and interview after interview for different famous TV news channels, for example CNN, and Good Morning News along with a bunch of others. The main thing is that he is getting the some what of the same attention Iqbal was and they are both raising the same issues in society. Iqbal has differently left his foot print in this world.

ME to WE


In 2008 Craig and his family launched the Organization ME to WE.

2009 ME to WE


ME to WE donated more then 8.5 million dollars to We charity in cash and kind donations

ME to We and how they help


ME to WE is an organization that has helped build awareness to the next level. They would do everything from go to countries and help in less fortunate areas to throwing concerts every year for ME to We, to also helping countries with there issues regarding many different things.

ME to WE impact


In 2014, more than 130,000 youth were inspired through ME to WE leadership programs.

ME to WE impact


721,503 life-changing impacts have been provided to WE charity for its development work in communities overseas—from communities provided access to clean water, to children provided the resources to succeed in school.