Islamic Timeline


Birth of Muhammad

570 C.E.

Muslims think he was cleansed at a young age, bringing him into prophecy. He was also from a noble, well known family.

Muhammad becomes a prophet

610 A.D.

He is said to have visions of an angel, Gabriel, telling him for spread the newfound religion.

Muhammad preaches in Mecca

610 A.D. - 622 A.D.

He didn't have to followers he had hoped, which led him to flee.

Muslims flee Mecca

622 A.D.

Because they were under prosecution, they fled to a town called Yathrib (Medina).

Muslims conquer Mecca

630 A.D.

He returned and made sure to capture according to the rules of war he had learned.

Death of Muhammad

633 A.D.

Muslims mourn his death and fear the disease that killed him.

The "Righteous Rule"

633 A.D. - 661 A.D.

This is the rule of the first four great leaders of Islam.

Islam spreads across North Africa

655 A.D.

Islam was welcomed as a new religion.

The Umayyad Rule

661 A.D. - 750 A.D.

Muslims take over Iberian Peninsula

711 A.D.

Also during this time India and Spain were under conquest.

The Baghdad Rule

750 A.D. - 1000 A.D.

Christians take Jerusalem from the Muslims

1099 A.D.

Islam spreads to Asia

1120 A.D.

The first Ottoman state is formed

1299 A.D.

Islam reaches America through slaves from Africa

Approx. 1800 A.D.

Arab immigrates come to America until the Asian Exclusion Act

1870 A.D. - 1924 A.D.

The last of the Islamic empires are destroyed

1918 A.D.

The Nation of Islam is created in the U.S.

1930 A.D.

Elijah Muhammad Rule

1930 A.D. - 1975 A.D.

The state of Israel is formed

1948 A.D.

The ban on Asian immigration lifts

1952 A.D. - 1965 A.D.

Wallace D. Muhammad Rule

1975 - Present

The first Islamic state in a modern era is formed, Iran

1979 A.D.