Mexico during XIX


Mexico Independence

16 September 1810 - 27 de septiembre de 1821

Alhóndiga de Granaitas

28 de septiembre de 1810

Monte de las Cruces Battle

30 de octubre de 1810

Hidalgo died

30 de julio de 1811

Tenancingo Battle

22 de enero de 1812

Sitio de Cuautla

19 de febrero de 1812 - 2 de mayo de 1812

Take of Oaxaca

25 de noviembre de 1812

Ferndinad VII returned to the Throne

22 de Marzo de 1814

Morelos died

22 de diciembre de 1815

Francisco Mina start fighting in Spain

15 de abril de 1817

Mina joins Moreno

12 de mayo de 1817

Francisco Mina arrives to Tamaulipas

12 de septiembre de 1817

Iturbide is named Commanding General in the south

9 de noviembre de 1820

Iturbide becomes General in the South

9 de noviembre de 1820

Last Independence Battle

21 de enero de 1821

The Cordoba Treaties are signed

24 de agosto de 1821

Creation of Trigarante Army

27 de septiembre de 1821

Iturbide's Empire

1822 - 1823

Monroe Doctrine


Enactment of the Federal Constitution of 1824


Spanish Reconquest


Barradas Invasion

Presidence from Vicente Guerrero

1 de abril de 1829

Presidence of Anastasio Bustamante

1 de enero de 1830 - 13 de agosto de 1832

Beginning of Antonio López de Santa Anna in the presidence.

16 de mayo de 1833

Texas's Independence

2 de octubre de 1835

Constitution of 7 Laws


Velasco treaties


Pastry War

1838 - 1839
  • First French Intervention
  • Santa Anna lost his leg

Castas War


The states from the Peninsula de Yucatán tried to get independent from Mexico.

Annexation of Texas to the United States


American Intervention

1846 - 1848
  • The wars in Mexico City were Churubusco, Molino del Rey and Chapultepec.
  • In September 14 1848 the Americans fought their last battle for conquer Mexico.

Sign of the treaties Guadalupe-Hidalgo

2 de febrero de 1848

Santa Anna didn't singed it.

Sanata Anna sold La Mesilla to the Americans


Dictatorship of Antonio López de Santa Anna

20 de abril de 1853 - 12 de agosto de 1855

Ayutla Revolution


End of Santa Anna's dictatorship.

Reforma Laws

  • Ocampo Law: No vote for clergy.
  • Juárez Law: Abolishment of special privileges for the clergy and the military.
  • Iglesias Law: The church stops winning money from the people.

Promulgation of the Liberal Constitution of 1857

5 de febrero de 1857

Reforma War

17 de diciembre de 1857 - 1 de enero de 1861
  • Liberal government of Juárez against conservative government of Zuloaga.
  • Mon-Almonte treaty (Conservative) and Mc Lane Ocampo treaty (Liberal) compromised the integrity and sovereignity of the country.
  • This war was created to take away the power of the church.

Benito Juarez presidence

1858 - 1862

Suspesion of debt payments during the government of Juarez

17 de julio de 1861

Debts that Mexico owed to France (3 millions), Spain (9 millions) and Great Britain (70 millions).

Puebla Battle

5 de mayo de 1862

Maximiliano's Empire

1864 - 1867

The name of the treaties that were signed were Miramar Treaties. Maximiliano gave rights and embellish Mexico, also he wanted to make Mexico a cultural country. The two generals in Mexico that joined Maximilian were Miramón and Mejía.
The Civil War in the USA was over in 1865 and they helped Juárez to get to the power and kill Maximilian in Cerro de las Campanas, Querétaro in 1867.

Juarez returns to the power

1868 - 1871

Republic Restored

1868 - 1876

Good acts from Juárez:
- Education available for everyone.
- Reform Laws.
- Civil Registry.
- Religious Toleration.
When Juárez died Lerdo de Tejada became president and Porfirio Diaz will be fighting for power.

Noria Plan

8 de noviembre de 1871

He didn't became president and he was angry with Juárez and Lerdo de Tejada so he did this plan that failed.

Lerdo de Tejada becomes president

1872 - 22 de noviembre de 1876

- Creation of a Senate.
- More laws attacking the church.
- National fiscal system to collect taxes efficiently, used for projects like tyhe Railway Mexico-Veracruz.
- Telegraph network grew.
- Better roads.
Society and Culture
- Juárez educational policy was continued applying.

Tuxtepec Plan

10 de enero de 1876

He took out Lerdo de Tejada from the power and he arrived.

First Government of Porfirio Diaz

28 de noviembre de 1876 - 1880
  • He made the Tuxtepec Revolution for taking the power from Lerdo de Tejada. Pro's
  • Economy Grows.
  • New monuments and expansion of culture.
  • Cinematographic Expansion.
  • The railroad system reached every important country in the city.
  • Order and Progress
  • The politics were controlled by the "scientists" and were ruled by the positivism.
  • Improve relations with all the world. Against:
  • He had the power for a lot of time.
  • People felt slaves.
  • Disregard lower class.
  • Abuse of the Constitution.
  • Indians in Haciendas were treated as slaves.
  • Law of Colonization in Lone Territories
  • Pan o Palo

Manuel Gonzales arrives

1 de diciembre de 1880 - 30 de noviembre de 1884

He was a friend of Porfirio Díaz

Porfirio Díaz returns to the power

1885 - 1910