forensics timeline


Chinese use fingerprints

700 a.d

in 700 a.d the Chinese used fingerprints to identify documents and sculptures

john toms convicted for crime


john toms was convicted and tried for the murderof Edward Culshaw based on a piece of paper found at the crime scene that matched a piece of paper found in his pocket

Mathieu Orfila is born

April 24th 1787

Mathieu Orfila is born he wrote about the detection of poisons and there affect on animals

book Finger Prints written


Sir Francis Galton "the father of fingerprinting"whites book fingerprints explaining how fingerprints can be used to uniquely identify individuals

the Bertillion system invented


Alphonse Bertillon invented the Bertillion system to distinguish one individual person from another based on certain body mesurments

the book of Xi Yuan Lu written


the book of Xi Yuan Lu written by Song Ci in china is writen about using medicine and entymology to solve crime

lie detector created


the earlyest use of a lie detector using blood presure isinvented by Cesare Lombroso

learning about forensics


First school of forensic science founded by Rodolphe Archibald Reiss, in Switzerland.

first crime lab opened


Edmond Locard opens first crime lab in the attic of a police station

method detereming blood type from a dried sample


Leone Lattes discovers a method of determining blood type from a dried blood sample

the comparison microscope is is invented


the comparison microscope is is invented to compare compare ballistics evidence side by side

Bureau of Forenics Ballistics established


Calvin Goddard establishes the Bureau of Forensics Balistics

first nation crime system


FBI established the National Crime Information Center, a computerized national filing system on wanted people, stolen vehicles, weapons, etc.

DNA is used for the first time in criminal investigations


DNA is used for the first time to aid a criminal investigation

DNA catches the crime


Tommy Lee Andrews convicted of a series of sexual assaults, using DNA profiling.