Code Talker


Sent Away

Approx. 1920

Kii Yazhi is a Navajo Native American boy that has to be sent away to a boarding school because of the laws of the Americans. When Kii Yazhi arrived at Reuoboth Mission Boarding School he and his disstant relatives form different clans then shortly after learned that none of the Americans cared about their culture, they thought it was nothing but trash something that need to be disposed of by generations. And treated them harshly because of it.

Boarding School

Approx. January 2, 1920

At the boarding school, Kii Yatzi and his friends are told that they are forbidden to speak Navajo, to either speak English or say nothing at all.
The next few years he and his friends would inwardly show rebellion in small ways, and later to be brutal beaten for disregarding the boarding school rules.


January 3, 1920

Over the years Kii Yazhi and his friends had their names changed, clothes, language, looks, and routines changed, to accomplish most changes in the missions school. Kii Yazhi's name was changed to Neddie Begay.


Approx. January 4, 1920

In highschool, WW11 is going on. But the U.S. Marine Corp. is needing a new weapon, a secret weapon. The Navajo's. Their culture was attempted to be disposed of but later on America would soon realize that they would desperately need

Boot Camp

Approx. January 5, 1920

Most of the Navajos including Ned are trained separatly than other marines. Ned and his friends are trained rather oddly though. First they are taken into a room underground that is securely guarded by some of the bravest marines so if the enemy were to attack it would be extremely difficult to pass to would be There they are explained to that they are allowed to use their original language and the marine corps would rather them use it often, there they are taught a code. Basically, they had to learn a new alphabet. For every letter in the English alphabet, a Navajo word was assigned then were taught ' "word frequency." ' Some of the Navajos didn't know how to swim, but were taught how to by being shove into the water and forced to find a way out. They would later use this training in war.

Shipped Away

January 6, 1920

After boot camp Ned and his friends were shipped of to Okinawa during the war they had to be guarded by other U.S. marines so that they didn't get mixed up with the enemy (Japan) because of there similar looks. on night one of Ned's friends got up and was accidentally mistaken in the dim light as an enemy and was killed. After the U.S. dropped a nuclear bomb on Japan, Japan soon surrendered and they were sent home.