Wonder timeline


Auggie establishes immediately that he feels normal inside but doesn't look normal outside

August 1 2010

Auggie Pullmen is a 5th grader who was born with facial abnormalities.

Auggie's parents convince him to try school.

August 2 2010

August's parents want him to start going to school, instead of being home schooled, because they want him to have more social interaction.

Auggie figures out that no one at school dares touch him or have any contact with him.

September 1 2010

August finds out that no one wants to touch him because they are scared of his face.

Auggie suffers through all the kids staring at him, and is surprised when a girl named Summer sits with him at lunch the first day.

September 2 2010

When Summer sat down with August, it let him know that all people were not going to treat him badly.

Auggie chooses a different costume than the one he originally planned to wear on Halloween

Oct 30 2010

Because Auggie did not wear the expected costume,no one realized he was there.

Auggie's mask allows him to overhear two students, Jack and Julian, saying really mean things about his appearance.

Oct 31 2010

August has a great time walking around school unnoticed because people treat him like a normal student but he becomes ill and has to leave school when he overhears his friend Jack and Julian talking.

Auggie forgives Jack when he apologizes, and they become friends again.

November 1 2010

After Jack apologizes, their friendship becomes stronger.

Auggie has to get hearing aids.

November 2 2010

August doesn't want to wear them because he is scared of what the kids at school will think but most of them were okay with it.

On the last night of camp, Auggie and Jack head into the woods and have a run- in with some mean seventh graders

December 1 2010

August and his friend jack go into the woods, then they run into some seventh graders who made fun of August's appearance.

Auggie goes on the nature field trip for the school

December 1 2010

August has to go on a nature field trip for school, requiring the kids to camp three nights.

Auggie is pushed and loses his hearing aids, but four of his class mates come to protect him.

December 2 2010

Auggie is banged up, but he is completely amazed that his classmates stood up for him.

August now knows he is truly accepted by his classmates and they consider him a worthy friend.

December 3 2010

Auggie was voted by his class mates the Henry Ward Beecher medal for being the student "whose quiet strength has carried up the most hearts".