History Timeline


French and Indian War


The French and Indian War was a war fought between Britain and France over the land in Ohio.

Proclamation line of 1763


The Proclamation line of 1763 was a line set across the Appalachian Mountains by the British. The colonists were not allowed to settle west of this line.

Treaty of Paris 1763


This treaty ended toe French and Indian War. France gave all of it's territories in America to Britain and it's allies.

Sugar Act


The Sugar Act was a law set in place by the British to tax sugar. It also strengthened the enforcement of smuggling laws.

Stamp Act


The Stamp Act was a law set in place by the British to tax the sale of many goods. When you bought these goods, such as paper, the goods had to have a stamp showing that you bought it legally.

Sons of Liberty Form


The Sons of Liberty were a group of colonists who rebelled against the laws of the British. They specifically fought against the British taxes.

Declaratory Act


The Declaratory Act was an act passed by parliament that removed the Stamp Act and declared that parliament had just as much power in the colonies as they did in Britain.

Townshend Act


The Townshend Acts were multiple laws passed by parliament, the most notable one being the Revenue Act.

Boston Massacre


The Boston Massacre was an event where British soldiers fired into a crowd of men, killing 5 of them.

Boston Tea Party


The Boston Tea Party was an event where men raided a British ship and threw tea into the Boston Harbor to protest the taxation of tea.

Coercive Acts (Intolerable Acts)


The Coercive Acts were acts passed to punish the colonies, specifically Massachusetts, after the Boston Tea Party.

First Continental Congress


The First Continental Congress was a group of representatives from each colony that met at Carpenters' Hall in Philadelphia to discuss the problems that the colonies were facing.

Lexington and Concord


Lexington and Concord were the places that the "first battles" of the revolutionary war took place.

Second Continental Congress


The Second Continental Congress was a second meeting of the Continental Congress to discuss more problems that the colonies were facing and the possibility of independence.

Thomas Paine publishes "Common Sense"


"Common Sense" was a very popular book that pushed the idea of independence to the people in the American Colonies.

Declaration of Independence


The Declaration of Independence is a document that was signed to declare the colonies' independence from Britain.

Battle of Saratoga


The Battle of Saratoga was "the turning point of the Revolutionary War." It was a great victory for the colonies over the British.

Battle of Yorktown


The Battle of Yorktown, Virginia was a great victory for the colonies. George Washington led the battle, and they defeated the British in one of the last major battles of the Revolutionary War.