I Have a Bad Feeling About This


2) Henry and Randy start Strongwoods survival Camp

June 6, 2015

Henry's dad saw a commercial with a really big guy on it and he runs the camp. He decided to send Henry and his best friend Randy to it so they would get a feel of what it's like to "become men". Henry and Randy meet Jackie, Stu and Erik at camp. Erik was the most fit out of all of them, Stu was a tall gawky kid, and Jackie was a small green-haired kid. They were all about 16 and Max just thought... "this is going to be a long camp".

3) Henry meets Monica

June 6, 2015

The night of the first day at camp, Henry had to sleep outside because he gave Max an attitude. They were being checked for having no electronics and Jackie was caught having his phone. Max made him do push ups along with Randy for no reason and Henry told him he didn't have to do them and got himself in trouble. As he tried to sleep, scared of the dark, a girl walked up to where he was sleeping and gave him a big startle. She walked from her music camp 3 miles as a relaxing walk. Her name was Monica and Henry was stunned by her sight but later thought that he found out that she had a boyfriend.

4) Mr.Grand and Larry Dexter

June 7, 2015

As camp was going on in Wisconsin, South of Wisconsin was a man in great debt who knew Max. Max runs the camp but Larry owns the camp. Mr.Grand, the evil man who Larry has to pay, asked Larry where the money he owed him was. He replied to him saying that Max had all the money. He gave Mr.Grand and his men all the information on where to find him and they were on their merry way.

5) Pranksters

June 8, 2015 - June 9, 2015

Henry decided to ask Max if he could sleep outside. Max asked him why but ended up saying no so Henry sneaked out of the barracks that night to find Monica thinking she would take another night walk. He found her... but with friends. They all went back to the barracks and scared the living poop out of all the guys until suddenly, Max came in shooting the place up thinking someone had came in because of all the noise they made. The girls went back to music camp and the guys repaired the roof from all of the bullets.

6) Days 4-6

June 10, 2015 - June 13, 2015

On day 4 of camp they had to hike carrying 2 eggs each and if they broke their eggs, then they wouldn't have dinner. All of them eventually broke and didn't eat dinner that day. The next day, they had to build a shelter which didn't end well either. Day 6, Max told Henry that if he drowned in water that doesn't even go up to his waist, then he would go after his entire family because that would just be sad.

7) Days 7-9

June 14, 2015 - June 16, 2015

Henry and the boys "learn" to shoot rifles but when Henry pulled the trigger after Max showed him how to do it 600 times, he shot the ground that was 3 feet in front of him. The next day, which is day 8, Henry catches a squirrel during a "who can catch their diner" contest but when he caught his, he released and max was disappointed. Later that night, they sneak out hoping to find the girls but end up getting lost and sleeping for less than half an hour. Day 9, one day before the games begin, they're all tired and Max lets them rest for they have a long day during the games the next day.

9) MAX!!!

June 17, 2015

Max just sits in his office waiting for a winner of the games. Strangely, a car rolls up to camp and 3 men come out saying they want their money. Max clearly states that he doesn't have their money and after minutes of talking and threatening, they kill Max. Shoot him right in the back. Just as he is killed, Henry witnesses his murder and 2 of the men go after him.

11) The Final Fight

June 17, 2015

Monica heard the gunshots and met up with the boys to try and help. Henry takes on Mr.Grand and they both get beat up. As the boys thought everything was over, it wasn't. A small green haired kid walks up to Mr. Grand, Chad, and Ethan and they take him into the car and start to drive away. The boys and Monica decide to throw weapons at the car and Henry shoots 3 arrows that hit something. One hit a tired, the second one hit the wind shield and the last one hit Erik in the arm. Mr. Grand stomps out of the car and starts fighting Henry. Monica beats up Ethan while Randy gets Chad, and they both get tied up. Henry soon yelled "enough!" as they're both on the ground hitting each other and then then hits him straight in the face knocking him out.

10) Escaping

June 17, 2015

They find Henry and hold him until he fakes them out with a fake grenade and runs away to warn the others. Once he gets Erik to believe him, the men already have Randy and Stu and they think of a one-man-distracts-and-the-other-saves plan. Erik distracts and Randy and Stu run away while Henry beats up Chad, one of the gunmen, and escapes until Erik is held hostage. To get him back Henry makes a deal with Mr. Grand and ends up getting "shot". As he falls to the ground they all escape.

8) Game Day

June 17, 2015

Max and the campers get up early and the game rules are set. No going out of the boundaries, be honest when shot with a paintball gun or stabbed with a paint knife. The weapons are hidden in boxes scattered around the woods and the games begin! Henry is the first to get out by Erik so he has to walk back to the barracks and sit with Max. As he's walking, the rest of the boys jide from each other and no one else is "killed'.

1) World Premiere of I Have a Bad Feeling About This

March 18, 2016

The book "I Have a Bad Feeling About This" starts with the the world premiere of the movie I Have a Bad Feeling About This based on the story of Henry Lambert. Henry Lambert is a typical teen video gamer. All he cares about is his video games and not going outside and being adventurous. The movie and the real story of Henry Lambert begin.

12) End of movie

March 18, 2016

All of the men are tied up and they call the cops after getting a signal. Henry asks Monica, what he thought she had, about her boyfriend and she tells him that that was her ex. They kiss an Henry's life is now complete and he can die a happy man. Back to present time, and the movie is over and ends with "Dedicated to the memory of Max. You were the wind beneath our wings." Henry, Stu, Randy, Erik, Jackie and Monica all welcome the new campers of Strongwoods Survival Camp and after hearing the first question, they all look at each other with the look of "This is going to be a long 2 week."