The Trojan War Timeline


The Host Musters

1300 BC

The battle began and Achilles fought with Cycnus. Achilles strangled Cycnus by the straps of his helmet.

Funeral Games

1300 BC

After the funeral of Patroclus, the Greeks held funeral games. In the chariot race, Diomede won and Antilochus edged out Menelaus with reckless driving. Menelaus refused to take last place because he said it was unfair, and Antilochus let him have second prize. In wrestling, Odysseus defeated Ajax by hitting him behind the knee. Odysseus also beat Ajax in the foot-race. Achilles was still upset about the death of Patroclus.

The Bow is Bent

1300 BC

Penelope said she would marry the man who could string the bow of Odysseus and send an arrow through the holes of twelve axes set in a row. The suitors tried but failed, and the beggar asked if he could try. He did easily, and then shot Antinous, and then he and Telemachus killed the rest of the suitors. Penelope did not believe it was her husband. Now that Odysseus had returned home, the Trojan War was truly over.

Death of Patroclus

1300 BC

Agamemnon, Diomede, and other Trojans were hurt during battle, and Achilles still refused to fight. He sent his friend Patroclus to lead the Myrmidons in battle. Patroclus killed Sarpedon and then chased after the Trojans. Hector killed Patroclus and took his armor.

Death of Hector

1300 BC

After the death of Patroclus, Achilles rejoined the battle. He confronted Hector, and chased him around the walls of Troy. Hector asked him to return his body to the Trojans if he were killed, but Achilles refused and killed him. Then he dragged Hector's body behind his chariot, and decided to give Patroclus a funeral.

The Sack of Troy

1300 BC

At night, Sinon lit the signal and released the heroes from the horse. Priam and Hecuba took refuge on the altar, but Pyrrhus killed Priam's son and then Priam. Aeneas and most of his family managed to escape and left to become the founder of a great city.

Agamemnon's Death

1300 BC

When Agamemnon returned with Cassandra, Clytemnestra made a big fuss over him. She had him walk on a red carpet, and invited him in for a bath. She threw a net over him, and killed him with an axe. Then she set off with the axe to Cassandra, who knew what was going to happen and was happy because she had her revenge on Agamemnon.

Before Trojan War

1300 B.C.

Paris stayed at the home of Menelaus and was invited to a feast, where he laid eyes on Helen, and later that night, Paris kidnapped Helen and Menelaus was devastated.

Last Fight of Achilles

1300 BC

Apollo tells Paris to shoot a poisoned arrow at Achilles. It would have fallen short, but Achilles turned and the point of the arrow pierced his heel. He fell and his body was trampled.

The Trojan Horse

1300 BC

The Greeks built a wooden horse, which they filled with warriors. Then they sailed away and hid. The Trojans came out and argued whether to take it inside the city. The Greek spy Sinon told them it was a gift from the Greeks, and would make the Trojans rulers of all Greece. Laocoon warned them not to take it in, but Poseidon sent serpents to kill Laocoon's sons and Laocoon himself. The Trojans took the horse into the city.

Adventures of Menelaus

1300 BC

Menelaus took Helen and headed for home. His ships were scattered by a storm and he ended up in Egypt, but could not get any further. A sea nymph told him to ask the god Proteus for help, but he had to catch and hold the god in order to get his aid. Menelaus grabbed Proteus, who turned into many different creatures while Menelaus held on. Proteus told him to return to Egypt and make offerings to the gods for a fair wind, and told him of the deaths of Ajax and Agamemnon. Menelaus returned home and lived happily ever after with Helen.