The Middle Ages (500-1500 AD)


The Founding of the Order of Saint Benedict

529 A.D

Grew in wealth towards the time of the rule of Charlamagne

The Death of Justinian the Great


After which his empire expanded to all of North America and parts of the Middle East and Italy and Greece.


570 AD - 632 AD

Prophet of Islam. Claimed to have visions where the angel Gabriel visited him and had him tell what has now been written down and called the Qur'an.

The Sunni-Shiite Split

632 - Present

Was caused by differing opinions about who should succeed Muhammed. The Shia believed that leadership should stay inside Muhammed's family while the Sunnis believed that whoever was chosen by the elders of the community should have leadership instead. The Shia and Sunni have been split every since.

Muslims conquer Egypt

638 - 642


742 - 814

The Holy Roman Emperor who helped Pope Leo.

Trading Towns are formed in the East African coast


Li Ch'ing- Chao


The most famous female poet in China during the Sung Dynasty.

Great Zimbabwe

1000 - 1450

No one knows how it was built, but around 400 AD ancestors of the Shona people moved in and started to rebuild it.



The last manuscript that remains was in 1000 A.D

The Great Schism


Norman Conquest of England



1095 - 1291

Genghis Khan

1162 - 1227

The founder of the Mongol Empire which became the largest contiguous empire after he died.

The Magna Carta


Reissued in 1216, 1217, and 1225. The foundation for the English system of common law.

Marco Polo

1254 - 1324

Explorer who learned about Chinese culture and wrote about it

Mansa Musa rules Kingdom of Mali

1280 - 1337

Medieval African emperor who made a pilgrimage to Mecca. Described as a Muslim traditionalist.

The Hundred Years War

1337 - 1453

The House of Plantagenet (rulers of England) against the House of Valois (rulers of France)

The Black Death

1346 - 1353

The Kingdom of Songhai starts in West Africa


Peasants Revolt


Joan of Arc

1412 - 1431

Lead a French army to Orléans and was victorious.

The Portuguese conquer Ceuta in North Africa


The first European Foothold in Africa

Aztec Empire

1428 - 1519

Incan Empire

1438 CE - 1533 CE

The largest empire in pre- Columbian America. Conquered by Spanish invaders.

Sonni Ali

1464 - 1492

Initiated the imperial expansion of the Western Sudanese kingdom of Songhai.

The Canterbury Tales