Leif Erikson to Henry Hudson


Leif Erikson


Explored North America

Columbus First Voyage


Columbus went on his first voyage into the Atlantic Ocean

Christopher sails Mediterranean sea


he had sailed over all of the Mediterranean sea. He sailed to England and Iceland. Before that he had participated in many trading voyages

Columbus finds New World


Columbus set off on his voyage to find trade routes for the Spanish. He was looking for westward trade routes to Asia, China and India. They thought it was Asia but it was really the New World.

Hudson's First Voyage


Henry Hudson started off on his first voyage, looking for a northern passage to the Orient. Returning from this voyage in September after his route was blocked by ice. On this voyage, he discovered Whale's Bay..

Henry Hudson is hired


Henry Hudson was hired for a company called Dutch East India. He was hired as sea captain.


July, 1609

In July, Hudson and his crew sailed southward to Chesapeake bay.

Hudson's Final Voyage


Hudson set sail on his final voyage in the spring. On this voyage he traveled to Iceland and Greenland and finally ending up in the Hudson Bay. His crew wanted to return home so they took over the ship and left Hudson, his son and six crew members to die.