Neils Bohr


John Dalton

1766 - 1844

He studied colored blindness

J.J. Thompson

1856 - 1940

He discovered electrons

Ernest Rutherford

1871 - 1937

He is known as the father of theoretical physics

Bohr's Birth


Erwin Schrodinger

1887 - 1961

worked in quantum physics

James Chadwick

1891 - 1974

He discovered the neutron.

Bohr got his masters in physics from Copenhagen University


Bohr gets his doctorate in physics from Copenhagen University


Bohr Became head of institute for theoretical physics

Approx. 1920

Bohr Won Nobel Prize

Approx. 1922

He won for his work on the structure of atoms

Bohr turned to nuclear physics

1930 - 1939

he described atoms at this time as a liquid drop that had many different forms or states.


1942 - 1945

Neils fled to Sweden and then to the U.S. and became a member of the Manhattan Project

Bohr's Death