Bobby Flay


A Chef is Born

December 10, 1964

Chef Bobby Flay was born in New York CIty.


September 17, 1981

Bobby dropped out of highschool at age 17, after bouncing around different schools for several years.

First Job

January 1, 1982

Bobby got his first professional restaurant job shortly after leaving high school. He started working at a place called " Joe Allen's alongside his father. He quickly moved up from being a busboy to a kitchen helper.

Opening of his first restaurant

September 1, 1991

Bobby opened his first restaurant in 1991,before he even graduated from the French Culinary institute. He named this restaurant the "Mesa Grill"

Paid off

June 10, 1993

After working at Joe Allen's for awhile, Bobby's boss sent him to the French Culinary Institute of Manhattan, where he attended after earning his high school equivalency diploma. He received the "institutes Outstanding Graduate Award" in the spring of 1993.



Bobby won an International Association of Culinary Professionals Award for his food Designs in 1995.

Emmy Award (Impact on the foods industry)


Bobby won an Emmy award for having the Best Culinary Program. This impacts the food industry because his culinary program is "dishing out" incredible chefs that have been spread out around to world to share their unique gifts in the culinary arts.

Buttermilk cake with fresh berries

July 6, 2016

Bobby's preparation techniques for dessert seem normal, but the way he cooks it is different. His recipes include which rack to place something on in the oven, and an explanation as to why he uses parchment paper.