Henry VIII (1509 - 1547)


Henry VII marries Catherine of Aragon

11th June 1509

Daughter of the Spanish King and Queen, and widow of his elder brother, Arthur.

Henry VIII becomes King

24 June 1509

Henry VIII accedes to the throne on the death of his father, Henry VII.

Mary Rose built

June 1510

First English gunship

Henry VIII joins the Holy League against the French

June 1511

All men under the age of 40 are required to practise archery.

Battle of Flodden Field

June 1513

The English defeat the Scots and so James IV of Scotland is killed.

Wars with France and Scotland

1514 - 1518

The Pope and Kings of England, France and Spain pledge peace in Europe.

Mary the first daughter of King Henry VIII and Queen Catherine was born

18th February 1516

Born in Greenwich. She later become Queen Mary I ("Bloody Mary" 1516 - 1558).

Henry VII starts affairs with Elizabeth Blount


Elizabeth gives birth to Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond the illegitimate son of King Henry VIII.

England invades France

1522 - 1523

England abandons attempted French invasion.

Henry marries Anne Boleyn


Was only able to marry Anne Boleyn after being totally in love with her since 1526 due to Thomas Cranmer is appointed Archbishop of Canterbury and annuls Henry's 24-year marriage to Catherine of Aragon.

Henry VIII becomes Supreme head of the Church of England

3rd November 1534

Henry VII breaks with the Church in Rome and Parliament passes the Act of Supremacy on the 3rd November.

Anne Boleyn is executed

19th May 1536

Henry VIII marries Jane Seymour

30th May 1536

Jane Seymour dies giving birth to Edward VI


Edward VI was Henry VIII's only son.

Henry VII marries Anne of Cleves

January 1540

However the marriage is annulled.

Henry VIII marries Catherine Howard

28th July 1540

Henry VIII was 49 whilst Catherine Howard was only 19.

Catherine Howard is executed

13th February 1542

Executed for adultery.

James V of Scotland dies

14th December 1542

He is succeeded by his 6 day old daughter, Mary Queen of Scots.

Henry marries Catherine Parr

12th July 1543

Henry VIII dies

28th January 1547

Died at the Palace of Whitehall and he was buried at Windsor next to Jane Seymour.