A long way gone


Child soilder


when they captured him the rebels created him into a killing soilder

Ishmael meets a man


They meet the old man on their way to Yele- he gives them a map, but not his name
Also there came six boys and they traveled together.

ishmaels town


Ishmael, goes to a trip on mattru jon when he returns he sees that the rebels are coming to his village he tells the villagers that they are being attacked
*Things changed rapidly in a matter of seconds he was living in a violent world

ishmael and the soilders


*Ishmael and the soldiers victoriously captured another raid village.
*Ishmael has gone through survival his gun was his protector however he learns how to focus and strength on his weapon.

Shoots for the first time


Ishmael enters his first attack which he had to take a white pill to help him get engery
Also in 1995 he shoots for the first time



*Ishmael is put into a recovery center
*He is fully recovered and goes to new york for a conference of the children associeted to with war.

Sierra Leona


The new president of sierra leona is announced johnny paul koroma.
Ishmaels uncle dies therefore he leaves freetown.



the rebels attacked the town that ishmael lives
He flew to guinea in order to go to the u.s

finishes high school


Ishmael makes it to NY and finishes high school and attends college too.
He worked with the children who had been affected by the war like him

Ishmaes is invited to NY


Ishmael is invited along with other children of war to New York City to tell his story to the United Nations
He meets laura his future foster mother sees the importance of sharing his experience with the world in hopes of preventing another attack