History of Pneumonia


Name Origin

500 BC

The name originiated from ancient Greek, meaning Inflammation or lung itself.

Discovery of Pneumonia

370 BC

It was discovered for the first time, before modern times.

Pneumonia Known As Its Own Infection


Pneumonia is given to people who smoke, drink a lot of alcohol, or have weak immune systems, or by contagious ways...

Edwin Klebs' Encounter


Edwin Klebs first saw bacteria in the airways of bacteria. It was later discovered that this bacteria led to Pneumonia.

Pneumonia's Bacteria Discovered


Louis Pasteur and George Sternberg discovered the bacteria associated in pneumonia cases.

Treatments Discovered

1930 - 1940

In the 1930's, many ways to handle Pneumonia were discovered.

Pneumonia Is Expensive


In 2010, $17 Billion was spent on pneumonia itself globally.

Estimate of The End


The United States estimates that it would take about $20 Billion more to help find a very accurate cure and eventual end to Pneumonia.

Pneumonia Home Remedies


Some home remedies were proven to help fight Pneumonia.

New Discovery For Pneumonia


A new prediction model shows proves promising results to cure Pneumonia.