Background for Atlantis


Minoan Civilization

Minoan Civilization

Approx. 3500 BC - Approx. 1450 BC


First Olympics

776 BCE


428 BC - 348 BC

Socrates Dies

399 BCE

Sparta at War with Athens

395 BCE - 387 BCE

City of Ἑλίκη destroyed by Earthquake and Tsunami

373 BCE

Aristotle becomes Plato's Student

367 BCE

Critias written by Plato

Approx. 360 BCE


Persian Empire: Median

728 BCE - 549 BCE

Persian Empire: Achaemenid

550 BCE - 330 BCE

Darius the Great

521 BCE - 486 BCE

Sartrap Revolt in Persia (with Athens, Sparta, Egypt)

368 BCE - 358 BCE

Persian revolt in Sidon and elsewhere

361 BCE

Persians vs Greeks vs Persians vs Greeks...

Cyrus the Great Captures Ionia

547 BCE

Greeks Burn Sardis

498 BCE

First Persian Invasion of Greece (Thrace and Macedon Captured)

492 BCE

Battle of Marathon (Persians Driven out of Greece for 10 years)

490 BCE

Xerxes wins Battle of Thermopylae

480 BCE

Delian League frees Ionia

466 BC

Persians Capture Cyprus

381 BCE

Persians force Athenians to withdraw from Egypt

380 BCE

Thebeans and Persians form an Alliance

371 BCE

Arcadans join Thebes-Persian Alliance

370 BCE

Thebes makes peace with Sparta/ Sparta deserts Athens

366 BCE