Number the Stars


Lise Johansen Hit by Car


Lise was hit by a car and passed away. This occurred two weeks before her own wedding. This was also the year the Nazis occupied Germany.

Nazis Bomb Britain

August 23, 1940

Nazis order Jews to Wear Yellow Stars

September 1941

Japan bombs Pearl Harbor

December 7, 1941

Hitler Declares war on USA

December 11, 1941

Denmark's Rising Resistance

March 1943

Danes Sink their Naval Fleet

August 29, 1943

This is mentioned in the novel because Kirsti thought she heard 'fireworks' on her birthday.

The Rabbi's Warning

September 29, 1943

The Danish Jews were warned by their Rabbi that the Nazis will be coming to relocate them. In the novel, this is what happened to the Rosen family, and when Ellen stayed with the Johansen family.

The Nazis are at the Johansen's Door

October 1, 1943

The soldiers came looking for the Rosen family at 4:00am.

Visit to Uncle Henrik

October 1, 1943

In the morning, Annemarie, Ellen, Kirsti, and Mrs. Johansen get on a train to go to Uncle Henrik's house.

Great-Aunt Birte

October 2, 1943

It's Great-Aunt Birte's funeral, and there are people arriving. These people are soon to be smuggled on Uncle Henrik's boat. Annemarie will soon be having to run to the boat to deliver the package.

Denmark is Free!

May 4, 1945