Civil War Battles


Bombardment of Fort Sumter

Apr 12, 1861 - April 14, 1861

Fort Sumter was bombarded on April 12, 1861. it was basically the beginning of the Civil War. Fort Sumter surrendered on April 14, 1861.

First Battle of Bull Run

July 21, 1861

The First Battle Of Bull Run or Manassas was located in Fairfax County, Virginia and Prince William County, Virginia. The results of the battle were P.T.G. Beauregard and the Confederate side winning.

Battle of Hampton Roads

March 8, 1862 - March 9, 1862

The Generals of this battle were: On the Union side John Marston. And on the Confederate side Franklin Buchanan. It was a battle at sea. it took 1 day and 339 people died. Neither side really won.

2nd Battle of Bull Run

August 28, 1862 - August 30, 1862

The Second Battle Of Bull Run or Manassas was fought for 2 days and 1,300 people were killed and over 7,000 people wounded. The Confederate side won with Robert E. Lee.

Battle of Antietam

September 17, 1862

The Battle of Antietam also known as the Battle of Sharpsburg had over 22,000 deaths it was fought in Maryland. It was the bloodiest day in the Civil War. George B. McClennan and the Union army won the battle.

Battle of Fredericksburg

December 11, 1862 - December 15, 1862

The battle of Fredericksburg was between Robert E. Lee's Confederate army and Ambrose E. Burnside's army of the Potomac. Burnside wanted to cross the Rappahanock river before Lee's army could stop him and his army. But he failed and the Union won.

Siege of Vicksburg

May 18, 1863 - July 4, 1863

This long siege had Ulysses S. Grant as the general for the Union side and John C. Pemberton on the Confederate side. There were 766 deaths during this battle. It lasted 17 days until the Union finally had won.

Battle of Gettysburg

July 1, 1863 - July 3,1863

This long battle took 3 days to complete. George Meade was the general of the union and Robert E. Lee was the general of the union. It was one of the most violent battles of the civil war with over 3,000 deaths. The Union army won this battle.

The 2nd Battle of Chattanooga

August 21, 1863

The 2nd Battle of Chattanooga was a brief battle. Some innocent people were killed.

Battle of the Wilderness

05/05/1864 - 05/07/1864

Nobody really won this battle, but many people died and were wounded on both sides.

Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse

05/08/1864 - 05/21/1864

This was another battle that didn't have a real winner, but both armies lost a lot of soldiers. Because the Confederate Army was smaller, these battles gave some advantage to the Union.

Battle of Cold Harbor

05/31/1864 - 06/12/1864

This was one of the biggest and bloodiest losses for the Union Army (1,845 died, 9,077 wounded).

Surrender at Appomattox

April 9, 1865

After a short battle, Robert E. Lee of the Confederate Army surrendered to Gen. Ulysses S. Grant at the Courthouse at Appomattox, VA.

Battle of Palmito Ranch

May 12, 1865 - May 13, 1865

The Battle of Palmito Ranch was the last battle of the Civil War (actually fought after the surrender). It was fought on the banks of the Rio Grande east of Brownsville, Texas. It was fought between Theodore H. Barrett of the Union army and John "Rip" Ford of the Confederate army. The Confederate army won.