Family history


Thomas Mossop was born

18 may 1818 - 13 june 1896

Thomas, John and James Mossop left England for South Africa


Thomas left England in 1842 with brothers John and James. They boarded 'Tempter' for South Africa.

John Mossop was born

1848 - 20 September 1919

James Mossop arrived in South Australia


James arrived in South Australia from South Africa in 1853. He worked as a bookmaker, horse-breaker and a drover.

Thomas Mossop left South Africa for South Australia

31 January 1853

Thomas left South Africa for South Australia, on board 'Melbourne' with wife Louisa and 4 children.

John Mossop arrived in Australia

31 January 1853

John arrived in South Australia from South Africa aboard 'Melbourne'.

Alice Mossop was born

7 October 1861 - 20 February 1937

James and Emily Mossop got Married

10 January 1881

James and Emily were married in Willunga, South Australia.

Thomas Harold Mossop was born

25 September 1884 - 25 June 1972

Thomas played for West Torrens football club for 1903.

Alice Mossop works in Adelaide Arcade


Alice worked for Harris & Kemp in the Adelaide Arcade selling baby clothes.

Victor Walter Mossop was born

10 July 1891 - 15 October 1917

Stanley Gordon Mossop was born

24 September 1893 - 22 May 1975

Twin to Frederick Roy Mossop

Frederick Roy Mossop was born

24 September 1893 - 8 February 1894

Twin to Stanley Gordon Mossop.

Thomas Harold and Ellen Victoria Mossop get Married

19 June 1906

Thomas married Ellen at the residence of A.J. Clarke, Croydon SA on the 19th of June 1906.

Victor Walter Mossop works in AIF


Victor was a Company Sergeant Major, 32nd Battalion Australian Imperial Force (AIF). Victor died on wounds recieved on 12/10/1917 and then died on the 15/10/1917.

Robert Victor Mossop was born

31 January 1910 - 26 June 1993

John Norton Mossop was born

23 August 1914 - 11 March 1945

James Mossop work


James worked as a storeman, bootmaker, Stagecoach driver for Cobb & Co. He also worked as a horse-breaker and for Sidney Kidman as a drover.

John Norton Mossop in RAF


John was a Warrant Officer in the Royal Air Force from 1936. He disappeared on flight from Camden to Townsville, via Amberley. The squadron was on its way to Madang, New Guinea.

John Robert Mossop was born

June 28, 1939

Heather Anne Robertson (Mossop) was born

11 March 1943

Robert Victor Mossop moved to Echunga


Robert brought a property in Echunga in 1959, where he grew grew potatoes, milked cows and had an egg production until 1980.

John Robert Mossop and Heather Anne Robertson got married

16 October 1964

Peter Graham Swan was born

February 6, 1965

Trudy Anne Mossop was born

May 17, 1965

Thomas Mossop was born


Dates for his death are unknown

John and Heather Mossop moved to Kangaroo Island

October 1972

John left his family farm where he had been working and moved to Kangaroo Island with wife Heather.

John Robert Mossop Manages Farm on Kangaroo Island

November 1972

After John and wife Heather moved to Kangaroo Island, John began working as manager of 'Waiginna', Kangaroo Island (C Lyons prop).

Trudy Mossop and Peter Swan got married

March 26, 2000

Olivia Anne Swan was born

June 26, 2000

Georgia Rose Swan was born

August 22, 2003

James Oliver Mossop was born

4 March 2011